Daegu Library: “Lights of the Valley Forest”

A new public library have been designed by ETT. Check out the concepts here. Continue

A House on a Rocky Ocean Coast by Igor Sirotov

A beautiful resting place contrasting severe external environment.

Steve Wozniak Mentors Young Innovation Award Winner

This is a very inspiring video, Steve Wozniak on invention and thinking about how to solve problems:

AMA Tokyo Olympics Stadium Proposal

Andrea Maffei Architects has completed their proposal for Tokyo's Olympic stadium competition, for the 2020 world athletic games. Here is their concept. Continue

Nomad Office Architects: Project for the Daegu Library Design Competition

Nomad Office Architects is an emerging architectural design office in Hong Kong and Beijing. Here is a project they did for the Daegu Library International Design Competition. Continue

BLUA’s New Sports Project in Hangzhou

The Hangzhou sports project by BLUA is based on creating an urban plaza "while also creating an icon for the lack of large-scale commercial facilities and distribution of leisure spaces". See the renderings here. Continue

Edward Suzuki: “An Architect’s Exploration of Atomic Structure”

The Principal Architect at Edward Suzuki Associates, Inc, Edward Suzuki is one of the finalists to compete in the TED Worldwide Talent Search: "The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered". Watch his talk here. Continue

New Nursery Project by ecdm: Modern Design in Paris

This project by ecdm takes place in a heterogeneous district made of buildings of different sizes, styles and periods. It’s an environment that is slightly old-fashioned and disintegrated, typical of the heterogeneous architecture which characterizes the Parisian peri-urban zones. Continue

The Winning Design for Copenhagen Arena: Team led by 3XN Architects

A team of 3XN, HKS Architects, Arup, ME Engineers and Planit has won the design competition for the new Copenhagen Arena. The arena will have a capacity of between 12,500 and 15,000 spectators. It is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015. Continue

Here is the New Design for the Expansion of Copenhagen’s Main Hospital

A team of Creatives, including architects at 3XN, has won a competition for the expansion of Copenhagen’s main hospital, Rigshospitalet, expected to be completed in early 2017. Here you can find the winning proposal. Continue

New Design Project for Foster + Partners: Musée de la Romanitée Narbonne

Foster + Partners is to design a new museum for Roman artefacts in the city of Narbonne, southern France. Continue

Inspired by the Pilates Ball: Bounce Chair by Pedro Gomes

The Bounce Chair by Pedro Gomes is produced with sustainable materials, and derives from a reflection about the equilibrium between product design and its responsibility to improve the human condition. Continue

BIG Contributes to the 490-Foot-Tall Vancouver Skyline

BIG was commissioned by Canada's premier real estate developer WESTBANK, to contribute to the 490-foot-tall Beach and Howe mixed-use tower. Continue

SHH’s Design for a 13,000 Square Feet Modernist House

Architects SHH has now started to design a 13,000 sq ft new-build modernist house, located within the Highgate Conservation Area. Find the concept design below. Continue

The Winning Proposal for the Kimball Art Center: BIG & Architectural Nexus

BIG and Architectural Nexus are the winners in the architectural competition for the Kimball Art Center In Utah, USA. Here you can find their concept, and why they won the competition. Continue

Here is NAP’s Winning Project for the Europan 11 Competition

NAP is the winning team for the Europan 11 competition. This is their concept. Continue

3XN’s Green Solution House: “Adapted to the Circulation of Nature”

3XN is the studio behind the experimental hotel and conference center "where everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and where guests will get an idea of how it feels to live in a world without waste." Continue

New High-Speed Rail Station in Spain: To be Designed by Foster + Partners

Architecture and design studio, Foster + Partners, has won an international competition to design Ourense AVE Station in Spain. Here's their concept. Continue