Send Your Letters with Style: 25 Beautiful Envelope Designs

There are few things in life that are as delighting as receiving a traditional letter in your mailbox. It gets even better when the envelope tells a story or provides a mood. See 25 beautiful envelope designs below. Continue

Ismini Karali’s New Café Design: D-Tales

D-Tales is a new café - bar, that just opened its doors in the beginning of June 2013. Ismini Karali's newly designed café is located at the ground floor of a neoclassical building at the central square of Tripolis, Greece. Continue

Triumph Pavilion 2013 in the Museum Gardens in London

This week the London Festival of Architecture starts, which is a month long festival celebrating architecture and how London can be a richer place with varied programmes across the city hosted by independent practices and artists. ArchTriump is announcing the exhibition of the showcase “Peace Pavilion” in the Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA. Continue

Beauty of Nature: Jasmin Rowlandson’s Sculptural Ceramics

Sculptural ceramist Jasmin Rowlandson makes porcelain sculptures that are inspired by nature, the land, water, and the environment. See her sculptures here. Continue

Bottle Design by Luke Jensen

I recently came across this great bottle design that has an organic and playful feel to it. It is designed by graphic designer Luke Jensen. Continue

Simple and Fun Designs in Giancarlo Zema’s New Eco Collections

I really like Giancarlo Zema's eco collections, they are simple and clean, yet have playful vibes to them. Continue

New Pop-up Store Realized by Hypsos

The Mercedes-Benz pop-up store has been opened in the heart of The Hague in the Netherlands, created for the introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz CLA model, which is designed by retail specialist Buro Loods and realized by Hypsos. Continue

Quiet ensemble by Fabio Di Salvo & Bernardo Vercelli

Here are some very cool artistic projects by Fabio Di Salvo & Bernardo Vercelli. Check out their Facebook Page page for more and see their upcoming events. Continue

Sun Set: Wall Clock that Indicates the Sun’s Position in the Sky

Sun Set by Andrea Ponsi is a wall clock that indicates, at any moment of the day, the exact time, the sun’s position in the sky at that precise instant, the times of sunrise and sunset, and the length of the day and the night. Continue

Alter Ego: “The Coolest Kindest Water Filter On the Planet”

"Alter Ego" by the Aquaovo team, is a great way to prove how smart design and technology can improve the world. Continue

Ismini Karali’s New Design: DK Club

Here is a new and vibrant design from Ismini Karali. Continue

Lotus E-bike by Giancarlo Zema for LumineXence

Lotus E-bike is a pedal assisted electric bike by Giancarlo Zema for LumineXence. Continue

Cool New Lamps By Kenneth Nilson

Kenneth Nilson's lamps show how interesting shadows can be within a design. Continue

Dimitris Economou: Interior Design for CODICE BLU

Check out the remodeling of Italian restaurant "CODICE BLU" by Dimitris Economou. Continue

SUN: A 30 Year Old Fair

SUN, the international exhibition for outdoor designs, has turned 30 years old. Check out some of their designs below. Continue

Dimitris Economou’s Interior Design in the Island of Mykonos

Here you can find architect and designer Dimitris Economou's new design. A cosmopolitan lounge and bar area with fine details, inspiring soundtrack, signature cocktails, Asian fusion cuisine and eminent international v.i.p. clientele. Continue

DesignLSM’s New Interior Design for Lacoste Knightsbridge

Here you can find the interior design of the Lacoste Knightsbridge Store with some of its latest Autumn/Winter collection. Lacoste enlisted designLSM to implement the new Knightsbridge flagship concept, currently the largest Lacoste store in the world. Continue