Advice on How To Define Society in Architecture: Minsuk Cho

Minsuk Cho advice about how to handle architecture and in which ways you can look at society and transform it into your own field of profession. Continue

Keep Going Regardless of Failure: Hisakazu Shimizu

Hisakazu Shimizu is a Japanese designer who during this interview with DUDYE explained why he became a designer and how he evolved in design, as he obtained a deeper understanding of the profession. Continue

Think and Dream New Ideas: Yukiko Nezu

Architect, Yukiko Nezu started her first design company called URBANBERRY DESIGN after her graduation. The name explains that small scale projects are like berries and that she puts seeds in urban contexts which will grow in the future. Continue

The Process of Creating: Tetsutaro Nakabayashi

Tokyo based, Tetsutaro Nakabayashi, is a design director and a product designer. In 1988 Nakabayashi graduated from the Kuwasawa Design School, and until 1997, he belonged to the Product Design Division of Masayuki Kurokawa Architect & Associates. Continue

The Power of One Shot: Hirano Aichi

Hirano Aichi was inspired to become a photographer at the age of twenty, when he snapped a shot with his father's camera of a Shinto shrine. To him the scenery looked more realistic in the finder shone than it did in reality. Continue

Hironao Tsuboi’s evolving Perception of Design

Growing up as a child, designer Hironao Tsuboi, explains that he always had a curiosity devoted to discovering the unknown, in particular the mysterious circumstances of the world. Continue

Catching daily life: Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Influential photographer, Nobuyuki Kobayashi, has been interested in photography since his second year in high school, as he began taking photographs of his trips. Continue

Discover New Ideas for Projects: Tomoko Murata

Tomoko Murata was born 1973, in Osaka, Japan. She was impressed by history and the possibilities that are involved in architectural space. Therefore, early in life, she began to study architecure by visiting old and contemporary buildings. Continue

A World of Possibilities: Madoka Sato

When the Italian Post-Modern Design was born in the middle of the 1980s, Tokyo born designer Madoka Sato, saw how design could be experienced and explored in many different ways. Continue

Rie Isono: Be Open, Ideas Come in Daily Life

Designer Rie Isono grew up in a surrounding where her mother was very good at sewing, and she loved watching her create tones of things. I can change a colorful cloth into small articles and dresses. I think that this is the reason I’m today interested in creating. Continue

Architecture is Fun, but Tough: Edward Suzuki

Edward Suzuki, the establisher of Edward Suzuki Associates lnc., has a goal to bring happiness through his design. His office is consistent of seven employees and was founded in December 1977. Continue

Living a Creative Life: Fumie Shibata

Fumie Shibata is the establisher of Design Studio S. Since Shibata was a kid, she had always loved to draw images and create things. Continue

The Aim of the Game: Albert Abut

Albert Abut, the Principal Architects of TRIPLE A ARCHITECTS PLANNERS was twelve years old when he decided to become an architect. He also started sailing with dinghies at this age. Continue

Finding Balance: Setsu Ito

Architect and designer Setsu Ito was introduced to his current profession as his father who is a sculpture artist constantly told him about how great architecture was and brought home architecture and design books. Continue

Dealing with Problems: Yuki Tanaka

Yuki Tanaka is the establisher of YUKI TANAKA Architecture & Interior Design. She first took interest in architectural design when she was a high school student and a building in her neighborhood was designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Continue

Listen To Your Inner Voice: Naoki Terada

Architect Naoki Terada, the principle of TERADA DESIGN ARCHITECTS took interested in design as a child, due to the fact that his father is a graphic designer. Continue

The Way Architect Anna Nakamura Works

Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno, creators of, Anna Nakamura+Taiyo Jinno EASTERN design office, have had an interest in architecture since their twenties, as they were travelling through the world and exploring the architecture of the world and Japan. Continue

Great Architecture Begins with a Promise: Max Strang

Max Strang, the principle of Max Strang Architecture graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture at the University of Florida, in 1994. He received a Masters Degree at Columbia University, and an honor award for design excellence. Before establishing his own firm, he worked for architect Zaha Hadid in London. Continue