Have Fun with 26 Open Source Software for Designers and Artists

Always looking for new exciting features that makes your working process just a bit easier and fun? Here are 26 open source software that will do the trick. Continue

Ideas on How to Plan an Office Refit

Guest post by Ryan Hirst: Your office space is your living space for a big part of your day, so it’s important that you take as much time to think of it as you would your own living room. Continue

Get Involved in Science Projects

I would like to recommend Petridish: a site for funding science projects that you support and in return get updates on the researchers' process. Continue

Challenge Your Creativity: 77 Problem Solving Exercises

Sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over again when we deal with problems because we lack in certain areas. By strengthening the connection between different types of problem solving methods – patterns – we learn to deal with problems through different perspectives. Continue

Design Counts and 11 Other Lessons From Steve Jobs

In remembrance of the man who made a dent in the Universe, here is "12 lessons Steve Jobs taught Guy Kawasaki":

How to Become an Effective Problem Solver

To begin, we should ask: what is a problem? When you find yourself in one situation and you want to get to another but don’t know how to get there, you got a problem. The process that a problem solver needs to go through is firstly to define the problem and then explore ways that leads to a solution(s). Continue

Entrepreneurial Companies Are The Ones Creating New Strategies

I thought this talk on entrepreneurship was really informative and Reid Hoffman is a great teacher, enjoy!

"Jump of a cliff and assemble the airplane on the way down." - Reid Hoffman


17 Business Models For Creatives at Home

Here are 17 businesses you can start from home, if you are creative enough! You can use Peter Drucker's creative imitation strategy if you fancy one of these businesses. Continue

Brain Strategies For Productivity And Creativity

What you do in a day reflects what you do in a year. This realization is important to understand for peak productivity. Many things we do in our daily life are down right destructive, some we know some we don't. We have to eliminate our bad habits and ad positive ones. Here is a list of strategies you can incorporate in your daily life. Continue

Get into Action: 77 Thoughts on Motivation

You have a fire inside you, a frictional energy, read these thoughts, think about them and let them propel you into action.

4 Must-Read Strategy Masterpieces for Creatives

These are four masterpieces on strategy that has given guidance to strategic thinking throughout centuries. Today, you can get them here, for free. Continue

Discover Your own Creative Process: How to Gain Many Ideas

These are methods and principles that will help you gain ideas. Be patient with the list, you might find that some in particular work for your learning style. So go through them all! Continue

How to Make Your Design into a Work of Art

When the conversation, on what the difference is between art and design, is brought up, the discussion usually tends to get quite heated and passionate, especially if the group consists of fervent designers... Continue

Valuable Perspectives on How to Gain New Ideas for Product Development

Why is it that we go blank when we demand new ideas. Being an effective idea generator doesn't always mean that it is automatic... we have to put ourselves into a specific process, a creative process. Continue

This is Why You Must Become an Exceptional Storyteller

Let's say you knew everything about your end-user, from religion to her favorite singer. Would you take the time and effort to translate her beliefs into one design that mirrors her life?
Yes, or No? Continue

How to Seize Opportunities in Today’s Tough Design Industry

At economic times like these, it is prominently difficult to come accross good work opportunities within the massive design industry, mainly because of the widely crowded group of newly graduated designers (especially industrial designers) who most take on jobs for quite low payment simply to get their foot inside the game. Continue