Deceptive Design

"God has given you one face, and you make yourself another", William Shakespeare.
Our social behaviours seem to be full of "deceptive" intentions, yet most people are quite unaware of the process we take to give ourselves duplicated confidence. Imagination and creativity can be found in quite unexpected occurrences. Continue

Why Understanding Your Client is of Great Importance

Design, can be a very personal and meaningful art for many individuals. Hence, it’s of great importance to understand the true wants of the client and what emotions the design must bring to him/her. Continue

10 things Miyamoto Musashi can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Miyamoto Musashi (c.1584-1645) was a Japanese samurai who for his battles and distinct style become a legendary warrior. Musashi wrote on strategy and philosophy in his work “The Book of Five Rings”, and he is today frequently looked upon for inspiration. Continue

The Designer’s Story

When entering a designer's site, we most often click on the "Profile" page. It's in our nature to be curious on who the creator of a certain design is. And, how this person has evolved his/her vivid imagination into the world. Hence, a designer's story becomes a crucial part when exposing one's work. Continue

The Push of Demand

What makes a Creative great isn't the ability of good craftsmanship alone (a misfortune for many of today's designers), but the skill to create a new idea inside of your prospect's mind. Manipulating as that might sound, it's not. Why? ... Continue

Time for You to Stand Alone as a Designer

The fundamental nature of strategy is to put yourself in a position where you have more choices than your competitors. To accomplish this, you need to realize that you’ll be taking decisions and struggle on your own. Continue

Facts You Should Know about Creating a Strategy

You've done your market analysis, and you have understood what the problems, values and beliefs are in your market. Now, it's time for the crucial strategy: the determination of your position. So, the question is how do you go from market analysis to strategy? Continue

Do You Know How to Analyze a Market?

If you're having difficulty with research and market analysis, don't worry you're not alone! There are not many people who actually understand the important process of research, and you should become one of those few who do. Continue

How to Attract the Right Clients in the Design Industry

I can't count how many times designers have uttered that their clients don't appreciate their work and restrict their creativity. Continue

Why Relying on Your Past Experiences Will Destroy You as a Designer!

Experience is sometimes overrated. Too many designers are focused on what they have learnt during their academic years, and forget the importance of truly being creative and make new strategies for each of the products they manufacture. This will destroy you as a designer: repetition kills creativity. Continue

How to Give Your Product a Longer Life

If you want to create a product that won't be beaten by a competitor the first day it's launched: the safest way to success is to make a creative strategy with an understanding of the challenges and changes that occur during a product’s lifespan. Here is a list that should be established on just about every project. Continue

10 things Morihei Ueshiba can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Morihei Ueshiba (December 14, 1883–April 26, 1969) was known for studyng several martial arts. His expertise in this field made him found his own art: namely Aikido. Aikido was developed as a fusion of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Explore what we can learn from this creative strategist! Continue

Discover Héctor Serrano’s Design Strategy for Packaging

Design strategy is about organizing peoples' lives… It’s about understanding needs and make living easier. Your task is to understand your user so thoroughly that when you present the result, you surprise and fascinate by giving your user exactly what he/she wants. Continue

Use Creative Strategy to Reform Your Marketing Into Design

Marketing and design are each other’s companions. Many designers make the common mistake of getting too involved in their designs that they forget the majorly important marketing fraction. Continue

10 things Herodotus can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, lived in the 5th century BC. He is known for being the premier historian who collected his materials systematically by faithfully testing their precision and arranging them in organized and lucid writing. Continue

Made a Mistake? How to take Action and Protect Your Image

Here on DUDYE, we emphasize the value of making mistakes and finding possibilities. Mistakes are an unavoidable fraction of life; hence it’s time to learn the right way to deal with them. Continue

10 things Chanakya can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Chanakya is often referred to as the "Indian Machiavelli" (especially in western countries). During his lifetime -which lasted 350–283 BCE- he was an an adviser, strategist, author and politician. Continue

Discover 9 Great Ways to Create a Marketing Strategy

To make a marketing plan more effective, a strategy consists of a series of tactics. While marketing strategies differs in dependence of an individual business’s situation: the main goal with a marketing strategy is to identify and communicate the benefits of your offering to your target user. Continue