Keep on Trying, Everything Eventually Gives Results: Philippe Cramer

Philippe Cramer is a product designer, born in New York and grew up in Switzerland. Continue

I Never Stop Working: Sander Mulder

Sander Mulder is a designer, who in year 2002 graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven. Today he has his own studio called Sander Mulder; it provides design in the area of furniture, interior design and lighting design. Continue

Understand Your Client’s Needs: Marc Canadell

Subsequent to receiving a MFA at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Marc Canadell became a creative designer. He “first started design a house for himself” and so began designing homes. He focuses a lot on the contemporary design, as he has taken influence from the architect Mies van der Rohe. Continue

Observe Your Environment: Oliver Schick

Oliver Schick was born in Darmstadt year 1969. He studied product design at HBK in the city Saarbrücken, Germany. Today he is an industrial designer. Continue

Start Fresh on Each New Project: Bart Prince

Bart Prince is an American architect who was born June 24, 1947 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He toke an interest in architecture at a very early age, before he knew what the name for “architecture” meant, he began making drawings and building models. Continue

You do Become Broad Minded: Robert Couturier

Architect Robert Couturier believes that “original ideas comes from the sum of all we know, have learned and absorbed”. He has been awarded the award of being The AD 100 represents of the top architects and interior designer. Continue

Sustainability Deals with Systems: Ori Ben-Zvi

For ten years, Ori Ben-Zvi has been a practitioner and an academic who works with sustainable design. He’s an industrial designer lecturing at Holon Technology Institute at the department of industrial design. Continue

Observing the Built World around Me: Jeff Miller

Born 1968 in New York City and studied in Pittsburgh in Carnegie Mellon University, where he graduated 1990. Jeff Miller is an American designer who specializes in industrial design. He designs product, furniture and interior design for clients all over the world. Continue

Continue Surprising People: Miran Nudell

Designer Miran Nudell has always had a fascination with mechanisms and odd shapes. Following his core interests, he began working with modern design. Learn more about the way he works, as he answered questions in an interview with DUDYE. Continue

The One Space in Life You Get to Fully Shape: Grace Bonney, Editor of Design*Sponge

Blogger Grace Bonney focuses her site Design*Sponge on fun furniture/product designs news, as well as other aspects in the home. Continue

Everything and Nothing: Arihiro Miyake

The Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake was born in 1975, in Kobe, Japan. He graduated with a BA in the Industrial Design Department in Kobe Design University year 1999. Continue