A Four Story Project by Predock Frane Architects

The Habitat 15 project by Predock Frane Architects is a four story, 15 unit infill housing project at the foot of the Hollywood Hills – 1/2 block West of La Brea, and North of Fountain Avenue. Continue

Art Deco in New York: When a Design Style Lives On

Having an understanding of the Art Deco style is crucial not just for designers, but for anyone who is into creating experiences in branding and marketing. Historical styles and events always stay with us and live on forever: this style is a perfect example. Here're are some Art Deco designs you can find in New York City. Continue

51 Pieces from the Renaissance

Myths and history are great when you're creating an experience for a brand. The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly transformed intellectual life in literature, philosophy, art, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry. Continue

Japanese Interior Design, a Category of Its Own

When hearing the three words, "Japanese interior design", you can immediately get an image of how the design of that area would look like. Most people would think of a tranquil and down to earth vibe. Continue

Nomiya: Pascal Grasso’s Newest Architecture

The Parisian architect Pascal Grasso believes that the work of architects should "reflect the answer to the problems of our time." His newest architecture is the Nomiya restaurant in Paris with an amazing view of the city. Continue

Don’t Look Too Much at Other Architects: Pascal Grasso

Parisian architect Pascal Grasso currently most known for his Nomiya architecture in Paris has done an interview here with DUDYE where he explains his projects and profession. Continue

The Evolution of Jay-Z: Cover Design

It's worth taking the time to study the packaging methods of today's society, it helps us learn and understand branding much better. Here's the evolution of Jay-Z's Cover Designs. What do they tell you? Continue

African Masks For Branding Inspiration

Just a glance at an African mask can give an entire experience. That's what a brand should do. African masks often have deep history and symbolism behind their designs. Here are exciting masks from Authentic Africa. Continue

Design is Changing: Roderick N.Shade

Roderick Shade's design philosophy is to always think of the client's needs and wishes first. He is well known for founding the Harlem United Show House, the first African American exhibition. Continue

Shenzhen International Energy Mansion

BIG received first prize on an invited competition to design the Shenzhen International Energy Mansion, for the Shenzhen Energy Company. Read more on how they planned out the project. Continue

BIG: Turn Slussen Inside Out

Big projects need great determination and skill. The city of Stockholm in Sweden is in search of a design for their urban space, Slussen, where cars, trains and buses could move continuously without problems. Architecture company, BIG, took on the task and found an innovative design to match the needs of the city. Continue

Flip: Begins From a Simple Situation

The origin of Flip begins from a simple situation: a board and two trestles. This type of improvised writing table has a very clear characterization and a simple principle with no particular mechanism. Created by Swiss industrial designer Adrien Rovero. Continue

Train Your Instincts: Jung Myung Taek

Jung Myung Taek is a Korean Art Furniture designer, born October 1, 1971 in Seoul, Korea. His studio is located in Seoul, South Korea. Continue

Talia Radford about Her Portable Water Purifier

Industrial designer, Talia Radford’s AquaIris became a big subject in the design world. AquaIris is a portable water purifier made for tropical climates; it has a cool design and works without electricity! Here’s the interview with her about her and the AquaIris. Continue

Marc Canadell’s Nightingale House

A modern architectural masterpiece soaring above Los Angeles designed and crafted with the highest quality materials and accoutrements by renowned European designer Marc Canadell. Continue

Water Lily by Andreas Wenning

The strategy behind this design is nature, as trees, water and earth are the determining elements. Continue