An Exercise of Faith: Kenneth Nilson on Being a Designer

Designer Kenneth Nilson started his education in design at Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1992. Continue

POWWOW! Content decides Design

Teun Fleskens's new design is called POWWOW. Teun Fleskens: "I wanted to create interaction between products, in this case the closet and its contents. You can influence the form, by deciding where and how many books you want to place." Continue

3XN’s Vision for the London School of Economics

This was 3XN's competition proposal for the London School of Economics. Continue

Adrien Rovero on Concept and Style

Swiss industrial designer, Adrien Rovero defines design with three words “Conceptual, décalé et poétique” (conceptual, offbeat and poetic). He says that he cares a lot about concept when he begins a project. “A good understanding of it makes me ask the right questions.” Continue

10+ Networks for Creatives to Promote Their Work

These communities are mainly focused on indie crafts. Indie crafts signifies independence, such as in indie art, indie film and indie music. So if you're involved with this type of design, check out these networks to promote your work! Continue

Designer Daniel Sánchez, on Start-up Challenges

Product designer Daniel Garcia Sánchez acquaints DUDYE with what he considers the most challenging part of being a designer; he explains that the most challenging is what he’s experiencing right now: the beginning. Continue

IITA: A Sustainable Research Hub in Tanzania by EFGH

A sustainable research hub in Tanzania by EFGH. Continue

Residence Ladoumegue: 190 Student Rooms

Parisian architects Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec have designed the Residence Ladoumegue. The project was seen as a way to rethink the relationship between sub-peripheral territories, hybridizing parallel landscapes into an articulation of successive strata. Continue

Apartment in Belo Horizonte: Maximum Visual and Functional Impacts

The apartments in Belo Horizontea is a project by Morato Arquitetura . The project works on the essence of living and it explores minimum elements needed for its functioning, comfort and visual harmony of the environments. Continue

Renaissance in Florence, a Treasure for Renaissance Design Admirers

Florence, a real treasure for you who loves the Renaissance. This city is embellished with palaces and cathedrals from the cultural movement of the Renaissance (14th century to early 17th century). Continue

Yangsoo Pyo: Good Design Comes from Experience

Yangsoo Pyo graduated with a BA in product design and is now a designer known especially for the design of the "Afro Chair". Continue

Milla Rezanova: “For Myself I Have Opened Two Sources of Inspiration”

Milla Rezanova is a Russian designer born in 1978. She's involved with innovative and creative design, that kind of design where experimentation is required. Continue