Company Chairman of SHH, David Spence: Fight to be the Forefront of People’s minds

As founding partner of SHH and Company Chairman, architect David Spence has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He’s the client director of the company and takes care of all residential projects in their studio. Continue

Overlapping Reality and Imagination: Art Museum of Yue Minjun

About the Art Museum of Yue Minjun. On one hand, there are fantastic landscapes for Qingcheng Mountain, with continuous brooks and wreathed mist, on the other hand, there are private art galleries, with extremely personal art attitudes and contemporary features. Continue

The Exterior Giving the Interior its Appearance: Garden House in Tokyo

Kochi Architects Studio has constructed the Garden House in Tokyo. Their strategy here was to not seperate the interior with its exterior. Continue

Bioclimatic & Modular Architecture: Infiniski’s lofts

Infiniski is an architecture and construction studio established by architects and designers James & Mau - Jaime Gaztelu and Maurico Galeano. Continue

Mersey Observatory: Gaze out into the sea

Klab architecture is a young and recognized architecture firm that was established in 2007 by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos. His team consists of highly talented architects from around the world which are encountering all their projects through research and high quality architectural design. Continue

Architecture, as a Symbol for Justice

Campus of Justice in Madrid, Penal Court by architect Rafael de La-Hoz. RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ ARQUITECTOS found a strong inspiration for this project on the scales, symbol of justice. Continue

Yael & Avner: Founders of Lightexture

Architect Yael Erel and lighting designer Avner Ben Natan, are a collaborating couple and creators of Lightexture. The lighting they create are fitted and assembled by hand in their own studio. Continue

3XN: Winners of the Architectural Competition for Frederiksberg Courthouse

3XN wins architectural competition for Frederiksberg Courthouse in Denmark. The Courthouse is expected for completion during the first half of 2012. Continue

Hidemi Iwamoto: Challenge Yourself

Architect Hidemi Iwamoto’s interest for architectural design grew when he was a high school student in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and fell in love with the architectural design that was created by Kunio Maekawa. Experiencing that space made him decide his future profession. Continue

Jung Hwajin: Daily Fight for New Ideas.

South Korean designer, Jung Hwajin, has been interested in design ever since childhood days. When he was around 15 years old, he became interested in Korean and Oriental history. Continue

KiBiSi is Born

KiBiSi is an idea-driven industrial design firm, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Continue

Synergy: Corporate building in Dubai

Sanjay Puri Architects with Sanjay Puri was established in 1992. Continue

ROMANTICISM 3: Shop in Hangzhou

The third completed ROMANTICISM shop in Hangzhou, China was constructed by SAKO Architects. "Romanticism" is a female clothing brand that has developed about 500 stores in China. SAKO architects is a firm with Keiichiro Sako as the principle. It has 33 employees working with kaleidoscopic design. Continue

Can You See What Open Studio Sees? The Planet as a Limitless Storehouse of Resources

Open Fort 400 is an international architectural competition for the design of a new knowledge centre on the North-West banks of Amsterdam's river IJ. Open Fort 400 is organised by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) and the City of Amsterdam. Continue

Why Talented Designers Work Don’t Sell

You have done another great design but it doesn't seem to get the recognition you thought it would. Why is that? Continue

The Futureplex Was Supposed to Represent the Design of Future Offices

The Futureplex's design was supposed represent the design of future offices, though the project was unfortunately suspended in the 2001 "dot com crash", the owner has since sold the site where it was supposed to be constructed. Continue

Philip Michael Wolfson: Approach to Design should Always be Developing

Philip Michael Wolfson shares his thoughts on the approach of design for every designer, and how his design approach became "something personal and individual." He started his architecture studies in Ithaca, New York at Cornell University. Continue

Sonnenhof Jena: A Mixed-Use Building

The planned mixed-use development of the new building "Sonnenhof" provides for an allocation of land in industrial, office and residential use. This accounts for approximately 15% commercial, 40% on office and 45% on residential areas. Continue