Reexamining the Evolution of the Library Typology

Prague Library by Z-A Studio. Reexamining the evolution of the Library typology stood at the basis of the design process. Continue

Expressing Beauty with New Technology

Flower Street BioReactor by EMERGENT
Los Angeles, 2009. Continue

The Secret to Effectiveness

"When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course." - Peter Drucker. Things have changed, as Peter Drucker stated: "we are becoming knowledge workers." Organizations are morphing and work positions are changing perpetually. Continue

A World of Possibilities: Madoka Sato

When the Italian Post-Modern Design was born in the middle of the 1980s, Tokyo born designer Madoka Sato, saw how design could be experienced and explored in many different ways. Continue

Futuristic Aerial Metro Station in Miami

Fluid Miami is an aerial metro station concept proposal for a new station in downtown Miami. The concept is designed by architect David Tajchman. Continue

Vision, the Power of Anticipation

A vision is what you want an organization or company to be. How you structure your business will be guided by your vision. Continue

Architectural Plan for a Dwelling

Architect: Progettospore. The design of this architectural dwelling plan was so different from the surrounding buildings that it was submitted to an aesthetic examination by a Municipal Commission. Fortunately, they gave the plan a thumb up. Continue

Bringing Back Quality: Container-Pavilion

The City of Copenhagen’s overall goal for the city’s development is that Copenhagen will become an international, outstanding example of sustainable urban development. The same values form the basis for the framework of the North Harbour Exhibition. Continue

Business is a Stage, You are in the Experience Economy

This article is inspired by a great book called The Experience Economy: The most successful companies today stage their business process, its like going through a theatrical play. A rich experience is obviously the heart of any good entertainment, yet we don't often think about this in business. Cirque du Soleil, Disney and Starbucks are all creating memorable experiences. Continue

Reducing Keyboard Restrictions

Optimus Tactus Keyboard Concept. The problem in which Art. Lebedev Studio wanted to solve was to make a one sensor display keyboard. The keyboard doesn't have any physical keys, which means there are no restrictions on their shape and size. Any part of the keyboard surface can be programmed to perform any function or to display any images. Continue

Optimize Knowledge and Experiences for Creation

Seeing and looking for connections helps you with the creative process. Continue

Tranquil Coexistence of Nature and Architecture

Project: Woo Nam Jai The urban nature along with this site which is connected with the Woomyeon-mountain and an urban park (as the natural greenery area) is the ideal place for an environment that can satisfy a residential and recreational purpose which is desired by most urban people. Continue

Environmental Approach to a College Extension

Apprentice Formation Centre in Saint Maur des Fossés, France, by AIR Architects. The project is an economical extension of the college, with an environmental approach. The extension of the CFA is a compact and economical building that just completed all of the Chamber of Trades. Continue

Visualizing Connections and Patterns

Public markets have always been a primary site of complex commodity exchange, and yet, were also once known as vital cultural centers for social and political exchange within an urban setting. Continue

Bering Strait Installation by Pascal Haudressy

Pascal Haudressy one of the famous French artists, has intended to create a bridge between his vision of submarine fauna and the project that OFF Architecture creates in the Bering Strait. Continue

Bering Strait: Connecting 2 Continents

The project does not simply concern itself with the construction of a commercial or railway link, nor a bridge connecting one continent to another. The amplitude, site, geopolitical context as well as the global ecological conscience entails a proposal far more audacious, an active project sensitive to the conditions of the site. Continue

Rie Isono: Be Open, Ideas Come in Daily Life

Designer Rie Isono grew up in a surrounding where her mother was very good at sewing, and she loved watching her create tones of things. I can change a colorful cloth into small articles and dresses. I think that this is the reason I’m today interested in creating. Continue

Experimenting with the Nature of Performing Art: Buffer Space

Commissioned by the FRAGMENTAL MUSEUM to envision an urban outdoor structure/installation experimenting with the nature of performing art spaces, OFF and EXYZT. Continue