Keep Going Regardless of Failure: Hisakazu Shimizu

Hisakazu Shimizu is a Japanese designer who during this interview with DUDYE explained why he became a designer and how he evolved in design, as he obtained a deeper understanding of the profession. Continue

51 Aspects of Creative Strategy You Must Know!

It’s time to break away from the herd, and think for yourself. But having the will to win isn't always key; you need more to make it in a market that is brutally competitive. You need a direction, you need a strategy. Continue

5 Effective Brainstorming Exercises

Brainstorming is used when you're searching for ideas and discovering possibilities that may be found in problems. The most common brainstorming exercise is to simply write down your ideas on a sheet of paper. Though, this may be an effective approach, you might like to change technique and find certain exercises that fit your personal learning path. Continue

3 New Ways to Get organized with Sustainability: By Behance

As part of Behance's mission is to organize the creative world, Behance's line of paper products is designed with Action in mind. And now, they're introducing three new ways to get organized in style. Continue

I Won’t give you My Ideas

People can easily take your idea and copy your strategic positioning if you let them. Now, if your strategy is well performed in action, it'll be much more difficult to copy your concept. Continue

Creative and Deluxe Design Approach For a Modern Corporate Hotel

The Kameha Grand Bonn, by Marcel Wanders, showcases a new, creative and holistic approach for a modern corporate hotel; a hotel that unites the vibrant and lively atmosphere of a business hotel with the style, intimacy and exclusivity of a luxury grand hotel. Continue

Find the Positive Aspects of Ideas

Rejecting ideas is a common thing as they might seem a bit too scary or just simply weird. This is perfectly normal and sometimes some ideas are too random and for the best to be left alone. However, at times when you're rejecting every idea that crosses your mind, or that is presented to you, stop for a second and take a minute to step back and look at the idea. Continue

Extreme Design Strategy and Biomimicry Solution

Extreme Housing by Singapore-based LOOK Architects Pte Ltd. Extreme housing call for extreme design strategies and ecological sensitive solutions. It can be learnt from Nature which is intrinsically vital for species survival. Continue

Discover That Which is Hidden

Innovative ideas don’t just come to you if you haven’t done your research well. Innovative ideas will arise when you in detail have analyzed diverse movements and changes in a market. You need to focus on the core purpose of an action and follow the changing mode of the market. Continue

Héctor Serrano Studio’s Latest Project

Here it is, Héctor Serrano Studio's latest project (2010) which is being presented this week at Maison & Objet in Paris. Continue

5 Weird Ideas That Became Successful

There are immense opportunities out there that are just waiting for you. Lets say that you have an idea that you believe in, although it might be slightly risky as the concept is somewhat "weird". Are you still ready to go for it? Continue

The Battle of Time

Sometimes the worst enemy is time. Stress and exhaustion makes it extremely difficult to gain any creative ideas. Even when we think that we've calculated our time correctly, project deadlines can be a real pain. This post is for you who needs to stay awake and use your time creatively. Continue

10 things Niccolò Machiavelli can Teach you about Creative Strategy

Niccolò Machiavelli was born in Florence on May the 3rd 1469. He was a persona of the Italian Renaissance and deeply involved in politics. He was an Italian diplomat, political philosopher, and author. Continue

Making it More Comfortable for Your Clients: Hanging Out in a Sphere Floating Café

This is an interior designed project for a café space located at the side of the entrance of Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Building in the University of Tokyo. Continue

Exhibition Underground: History in the Darkness

EXHIBITION UNDERGROUND by TORAFU ARCHITECTS. The settings for the exhibition "Underground" was held in Miraikan, Odaiba. The purpose with this exhibition was to showcase the "the underground", which was one of the largest aspects in Miraikan's history. Continue

Re-interpreting an Ordinary Item into a “UFO” Set of Lights

V Lighting by Héctor Serrano Studio. The concept was born after experimenting with a very common object, namely a hair band. The project arises from an interest in its geometric shape and the possibilities it offers. This is simply an ordinary object which has been transformed into an extraordinary item by re-interpreting it. Continue

NISSAN Y150′s Fun Pavilion

Y150 NISSAN PAVILION by TORAFU ARCHITECTS, Using Air as a Material. The NISSAN Y150 Dream Front pavilion was designed as part of the EXPO Y150 initiative commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Opening of the Port of Yokohama. Continue

Whatcom Museum: An Invitation to Engage in Art

Lightcatcher at the Whatcom Museum, by Olson Kundig Architects, with Jim Olson as the Principal Design Architect, opened to the public on November 14, 2009. Continue