Announcing the 11 Winners of this Year’s JEC Innovation Awards Programme

JEC Composites is announcing the new winners of the JEC Innovation Awards Programme 2010. Continue

Inori: This Name Describes the Purpose of the Product

Setsu & Shinobu Ito has sent in their previews for the Milano Salone 2010. This is the Inori libreria componibile, which is created for FIAM Italia. Continue

51 Ways to Explode Your Creativity

Creativity is the ability to find solutions to problems differently and with added value. Creativity is thinking about perception, its using thought as a tool to be more fluid and flexible. The purpose of creativity is to change or to flow with change. Creativity is therefore heretic, it's disruptive, it changes assumptions, it kicks in doors, it faces fear and it destroys conformity. Continue

Mind Your Behaviour: Introducing Insights into 3XN’s Vision

By putting much focus on the experience of their architecture, and the way in which people behave, 3XN has developed a unique position in the Danish market, and are also growing into the international field. Continue

Discover the Strategy Behind the D-Void Towers

The Reuben Street Apartments project uses a strategy of an articulated landscape of 1-2 stories with residential towers of 12+ stories. Envisioning this strategy into the surrounding void facilitates, the protection of the adjoining residential enclaves and the re-making of the urban node. Continue

10 things Sun Tzu can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general and is foremost known as a strategist who authored “The Art of War” (around 500 BC), an ancient book on military strategy. His principles have been used for war by many legendary warriors, including Japanese Samurai Oda Nobunaga and French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Continue

The Possibilities You can Discover in Failure

It seems as we’re constantly fleeing from making mistakes. Every step and movement we make should go as planned. This kind of thinking applies that we have to know it all, see through the future with laser eyes as our guidance. Continue