Use Creative Strategy to Reform Your Marketing Into Design

Marketing and design are each other’s companions. Many designers make the common mistake of getting too involved in their designs that they forget the majorly important marketing fraction. Continue

Explore Art and Architecture with Saporiti Italia at the Salone del Mobile

Saporiti Italia with their vision: "Where vision meets knowledge" is getting ready for the Salone del Mobile in Milan to exhibit their event called INSIDE ART 10. Continue

10 things Herodotus can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, lived in the 5th century BC. He is known for being the premier historian who collected his materials systematically by faithfully testing their precision and arranging them in organized and lucid writing. Continue

Substop: Question Your Perception of Time

"An average person spends 2.6 minutes per hour / 62 minutes per day / 5 years of life waiting for things." - these are the opening words of the synopsis for this 1-minute short film. Written and directed by the Bosnian / Vietnamese duo Denis Leo Hegic and Thuan Te. Continue

The Making of a Swollen Wall

As a designer you’re up for a journey where social skills and communication is crucial. Various clients’ value different things and it’s your mission to keep them satisfied as well as creating a safe and appropriate design. Continue

Feel the Creative Energy in Milan with MOOOI at the Salone del Mobile

From the 14th to 19th of April, you can find the brand, Moooi, at the showroom in Milan for the 49th Edition of the world's most famous furniture fair, Salone del Mobile. Continue

Made a Mistake? How to take Action and Protect Your Image

Here on DUDYE, we emphasize the value of making mistakes and finding possibilities. Mistakes are an unavoidable fraction of life; hence it’s time to learn the right way to deal with them. Continue

François Mangeol Reveals the Life of a Designer

Designer François Mangeol lives and works in Saint-Étienne, France. Learn from Mangeol the meetings and exchanges a designer goes through and the responsibilities one must take. Continue

10 things Chanakya can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Chanakya is often referred to as the "Indian Machiavelli" (especially in western countries). During his lifetime -which lasted 350–283 BCE- he was an an adviser, strategist, author and politician. Continue

Why the Words “As If” Work like Magic: Thomas Wiscombe

Get lessons about hard work from the founder of EMERGENT, Thomas Wiscombe. Wiscombe and his team focuses on architectural experimentation which is dedicated to transferring logics, science, technology, and computation into architecture. Continue

Secrets of a Commercial Photographer, Break Your Expectations: Kazuha Matsumoto

As a commercial photographer, Kazuha Matsumoto, describes that he seizes the value of peoples’ everyday lives by seeing “love, relationships, connections and interactions with human beings…” Continue

Act Now and Make Your Vision Come True: Ayako Takagi

Uamou is a life story made by Ayako Takagi. This little creature has from being a child’s imagination developed into multiple figures and prints that are sold and exhibited around the globe. Find out how Takagi began her Uamou vision and how she made it grow into what it is today. Continue

Discover 9 Great Ways to Create a Marketing Strategy

To make a marketing plan more effective, a strategy consists of a series of tactics. While marketing strategies differs in dependence of an individual business’s situation: the main goal with a marketing strategy is to identify and communicate the benefits of your offering to your target user. Continue

Advice on How To Define Society in Architecture: Minsuk Cho

Minsuk Cho advice about how to handle architecture and in which ways you can look at society and transform it into your own field of profession. Continue

Yes, 3XN’s latest Publication is Now Here

great way to collect all the value you've been offering so far, is by summiting it into a book. This move has been made by 3XN. Continue