How to Attract the Right Clients in the Design Industry

I can't count how many times designers have uttered that their clients don't appreciate their work and restrict their creativity. Continue

Discover WEATHERS’ Strategy: Design that Changes Temperature

WEATHERS is an environment focused office which strives to find new social opportunities with design. Their Climate Design™ exterior products series consist of a system that dehumidifies air in humid climates and provides heat during cooler months. Continue

This is How 3XN Has Positioned a New Savings Bank in Denmark

Strategy does not solely require a different way of thinking but an entirely different approach to life. The Middelfart Savings Bank is characterized by a dramatic roof scape, which will be putting the Danish town on the island of Fyn on the architectural map and simultaneously provide a new public space for local citizens. Continue

Why Relying on Your Past Experiences Will Destroy You as a Designer!

Experience is sometimes overrated. Too many designers are focused on what they have learnt during their academic years, and forget the importance of truly being creative and make new strategies for each of the products they manufacture. This will destroy you as a designer: repetition kills creativity. Continue

How Architect Marcio Kogan Settled Studio mk27’s Mission

Marcio Kogan, establisher of Studio mk27, is a straightforward architect who, with many years of experience, refers you to the reality of being in the industry. Kogan talks about how he saw a lack of quality in Brazilian dwellings and so determined to take the manner in his own hands and created his own strategy. Continue

How to Give Your Product a Longer Life

If you want to create a product that won't be beaten by a competitor the first day it's launched: the safest way to success is to make a creative strategy with an understanding of the challenges and changes that occur during a product’s lifespan. Here is a list that should be established on just about every project. Continue

Find out what José Marini Bragança has to Offer the International Competition of Ideas

The Fundación Arquitectura Contemporánea is holding a Competition for Ideas for the construction of its future head offices and the San Pablo block in Cordoba, Spain. Continue

10 things Morihei Ueshiba can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Morihei Ueshiba (December 14, 1883–April 26, 1969) was known for studyng several martial arts. His expertise in this field made him found his own art: namely Aikido. Aikido was developed as a fusion of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Explore what we can learn from this creative strategist! Continue

Inspiring Design in Milano: Discover What You Can Find and Where!

Today, after weeks of great anticipation, Milano's annual design fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, has begun. During these days creatives from all over the world has gathered to share their concepts and designs in Milano. If you're searching for inspiring designs and their locations, look through the list below! Continue

Continue Time: Sander Mulder’s Latest Work In Milano

Continue Time is a kinetic artwork/functional clock, and will be presented during the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milano. The Continue Time is designer Sander Mulder's latest work. Continue

Find KiBiSi’s Limited Edition Chair at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010

KiBiSi debuts at Milano'’s annual design fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 this week, featuring a limited edition chair for Wallpaper* magazine and a piece for Quinze & Milan. Continue

Advice on Managing Your Own Studio: Adam Robinson

When you've just made up your mind to open up a new studio and niche it on sustainable products, there's a lot of steps to follow. Get some great insights on how it works, follow the design director of Plus Minus Design: Adam Robinson, as he shares the beginning, vision and development of the Sustainable Strategists' studio. Continue

New Furniture Collection TWISTED is Exhibiting in Milano

TWISTED is a new eclectic furniture collection, designed by Philip Michael Wolfson and will be presented by LG Hausys at the Nhow Hotel during the Milano design week. Continue

Poland’s Creative Designers Are Heading To Milano

Poland is a very important player amongst the most renowned international furniture producers. An expertise that has been living through a long tradition which have been bought by various brands. Today, a fundamental change is happening Continue

This is What BOOKS will Exhibit in Salone Satellite 2010

Last year, they were admired for Bambi Chairs and Web Chair. This year the design platform BOOKS, created by Tatsuo Yamamoto and Jun Hashimoto, will participate in the Milan Salone Satellite 2010, the 14th -19th April. Continue

Damien Urvoy: Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Industrial Designer?

Being an industrial designer isn't always the easiest profession, you need to understand engineering and complete that with a creative artistic knowledge. Follow industrial designer Damien Urvoy's story on how he interacts and transforms design into the world. Continue

How Two Different Design Experiences Can Work Great Together

The vision for the AG café in Nagoya City Aichi, Japan, was to mix the concept of a gallery and a café. Kidosaki Architects Studio, with Satoshi Itasaka as the principal, aimed to offer a place where people could meet and look at art at the same time. Continue

Yes, Now You Have the Opportunity to See the Hyper Desk in Milano

Remember the HYPERDESK, by Valentina Folli. Well, now it is official that this interesting desk will be presented at the Salone Satellite in Milano the 14th-19th April. Continue