Facts You Should Know about Creating a Strategy

You've done your market analysis, and you have understood what the problems, values and beliefs are in your market. Now, it's time for the crucial strategy: the determination of your position. So, the question is how do you go from market analysis to strategy? Continue

Now, Paul Coudamy’s New Problem Solver: Diptère

Paul Coudamy has created a folding table system for people with the need of adapting their table in different shapes for various occasions. Continue

Announcing the 5th Festival of Lively Architectures in Montpellier

By allowing those who live in town to meet people who structure the town, the Festival des Architectures Vives has, since 2006, found a way to involve people into becoming more aware of architecture. Now, the 5th Festival of Lively Architectures will take place from 17th to 20th June 2010 in Montpellier. Continue

Do You Know How to Analyze a Market?

If you're having difficulty with research and market analysis, don't worry you're not alone! There are not many people who actually understand the important process of research, and you should become one of those few who do. Continue

Discover Danish Expo Pavilion’s Position in Shanghai: Experiencing Denmark

The Danish Pavilion at Shanghai's World Expo 2010, designed by BIG, has opened to the public and will provide its visitors a Danish city life. Continue