Here You can Find the Latest Interior Design Planning of SHH

Architects and designers (Neil Hogan, Brendan Heath, Adam Woodward) at SHH have created a new fascia and interior design treatment for Apostrophe at the operator’s latest outlet in London’s High Holborn. Here is their result. Continue

Why the Institute Strelka has Teamed up With Design and Research Studio OMA

This August 2010, Strelka, a new postgraduate school in Moscow, Architecture and Design, teamed up with OMA at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition People meet in Architecture (directed by Kazuyo Sejima) for a discussion on architectural education. Continue

Foster + Partners New Proposal for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong

Foster + Partners has launched a masterplan, named City Park, for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong. Continue

Now, George Papadopoulos on How Important Strategy is for Your Design Firm

Architect George Papadopoulos, the former of Skinotechniki, talks about what it takes to run a design firm and what an exceptionally important part strategy plays. Continue

Discover the Green and Energy-Saving Technology in SHH’s Most Recent Project

Architects and designers at SHH have completed a new-build £1.1 million house in North London for private clients: an ideal family home for a couple Continue

10 things Miyamoto Musashi can Teach You about Creative Strategy

Miyamoto Musashi (c.1584-1645) was a Japanese samurai who for his battles and distinct style become a legendary warrior. Musashi wrote on strategy and philosophy in his work “The Book of Five Rings”, and he is today frequently looked upon for inspiration. Continue

These are the Design Tactics Studio LOOP Use to Create More Space

A family in Chiba, Japan, wanted a spacious house in a narrow urban area. By studying the local zoning and planning laws of the site: Studio LOOP came up with the idea of structuring an eleven-meter high residence with an irregular pitched roof for the family. Continue

The Designer’s Story

When entering a designer's site, we most often click on the "Profile" page. It's in our nature to be curious on who the creator of a certain design is. And, how this person has evolved his/her vivid imagination into the world. Hence, a designer's story becomes a crucial part when exposing one's work. Continue

The Push of Demand

What makes a Creative great isn't the ability of good craftsmanship alone (a misfortune for many of today's designers), but the skill to create a new idea inside of your prospect's mind. Manipulating as that might sound, it's not. Why? ... Continue