Prize Results from the Festival of Lively Architectes, in Montpellier

Remember the 5th Festival of Lively Architectes? It took place in Montpellier, France, from June 17th-20st this year. If you could not be there, no worries. Here are the candidate prizes and their presented works. Continue

Here are Studio GreenBlue’s Design Techniques to Manipulate Space with Visual Effects

Mitsuharu Kojima and Wataru Kobayashi from the architecture office Studio Green Blue have created a new architecture project which they've called the "Distance of Fog", situated in the suburbs of Tokyo. Continue

Deceptive Design

"God has given you one face, and you make yourself another", William Shakespeare.
Our social behaviours seem to be full of "deceptive" intentions, yet most people are quite unaware of the process we take to give ourselves duplicated confidence. Imagination and creativity can be found in quite unexpected occurrences. Continue

Why Understanding Your Client is of Great Importance

Design, can be a very personal and meaningful art for many individuals. Hence, it’s of great importance to understand the true wants of the client and what emotions the design must bring to him/her. Continue

This is one of Eastern Design’s Latest Projects, Built in Kyoto

EASTERN design team are keeping their hands busy with exciting projects this year and Gion-Machiya is one of these newcomers that has not yet been built. Continue

Mr. Cube by Héctor Serrano

Mr. Cube is Héctor Serrano's new creative design that will be presented next week at 100% London. Continue

This is ArtBACKUP’s Lifestyle Design

T3CID (Those Three Crazy Italian Designers) is a new design company who have submitted their Art BACKUP. Their product idea came from wanting to crop an image with the help of multiple CDs. Continue

Discover Eastern Design’s New Approach to the Simple Box Architecture

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Wrestling competition, a 10,000-person capacity architecture (with a total floor area of 30,000m2) was used for the Olympic Games. Continue

Announcing KibiSi, PUMA and Biomega’s New Design: Mopion

Accommodating true urban lifestyle KiBiSi, PUMA and Biomega extend the PUMA Bike portfolio with a new lightweight cargo bike called Mopion Continue