Here is N+B Architectes’ Newest Environmental Project

One of N+B architectes' focuses have been schools and educational architectures with environmental awareness and their newest projects this time is the Campus for the University Montpelier South of France. Continue

This is MET Studio’s Most Challenging Project: 25 Days to Redesign the Libyan Pavilion from Scratch

The multi-award winning company, MET Studio, got a bit shocked when they received an offer to redesign, from scratch, the Libyan Pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 Expo and it had to done within a timeframe from commissioning to opening of only 25 days. Continue

Announcing BIG’s Completion of Denmark’s Largest Private Development

BIG finishes Denmark's largest private development ever undertaken. The construction of the 8 House project in Copenhagen has come to an end, allowing people to bike all the way from the street up to its 10th level penthouses alongside terraced gardens. Continue

This is Why You Must Become an Exceptional Storyteller

Let's say you knew everything about your end-user, from religion to her favorite singer. Would you take the time and effort to translate her beliefs into one design that mirrors her life?
Yes, or No? Continue

Discover How OFL Architects will Take on the Exciting Silk Road Project

The Silk Road Map International Competition, organizered by New Italian Blood has reached it's completion and the winners are OFL architecture who will be constructing the 2000 sqm Silk Road Line. Continue

Announcing N+B Architects’ New Environmental Project

Establishers of N+B Architectes, Elodie Nourrigat & Jacques Brion along with associated architect Julien Wafflart have completed the new Center of Technical Services, located in La Grande Motte City, France. Continue

How to Seize Opportunities in Today’s Tough Design Industry

At economic times like these, it is prominently difficult to come accross good work opportunities within the massive design industry, mainly because of the widely crowded group of newly graduated designers (especially industrial designers) who most take on jobs for quite low payment simply to get their foot inside the game. Continue