This is How Teun Fleskens Work with Dice to Establish the “Shoesme” Interior

The "Shoesme" interior project is designed by Teun Fleskens where the purpose of the concept was to create a totally flexible interior that consists of basic elements: the dice. Continue

BIG’s New Project: Hedonistic Sustainability – The Idea that Sustainability is not a Burden

BIG will be working with a Waste-to-Energy Plant project for the clients Amagerforbraending after winning first prize in an international competition by an unanimous judge panel. Continue

Discover Your own Creative Process: How to Gain Many Ideas

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Great Software that Help You Create Your own Design

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Find out How Architect Pascal Grasso Designed a Rhythmic Apartment Interior in Paris

Pascal Grasso Architectures took on a promising project that consisted of a private client, an apartment in the center of Paris on an about 280 m² area and a large terrace. He wanted to create a dynamic interior for the project and this is his final design. Continue

Here is MET Studio’s Exciting Design Approach for a Science Exploration Centre

Award-winning master planners and exhibition designers at MET Studio have been commissioned to create three galleries for China’s new Ningbo Science Exploration Centre, due to open in Spring 2012. Their colorful concept images are here! Continue