Experiencing the City: An opportunity to Think About the Present Condition of Urban Spaces

SUN.LAB 2011 will gather the production of Italian and foreign designers who are capable to create experimental scenarios, brand new concepts, and projects not yet in production. Continue

An Open Ideas Competition: How do You Define Connections Relative to the Gowanus Canal?

This competition focuses on the design of connections in and around the Gowanus canal, and the residual moments around these connections. Continue

1st International Motion Festival: Presentation of Contemporary & Creative Work in Motion Graphics

The 1st International Motion Festival has open an event for the presentation of contemporary and creative work in the field of motion graphics to promote innovative and cutting-edge work. Continue

Milosz 2011: An International Type Design Student Competition

Got a passion for typeface design? Then take a look at the Milosz 2011, a competition that highlights the importance of written words and the craft of typeface design. Continue

Maier S. Coop. International Competition for the Design of Vehicle Interiors

The company Maier S. Coop. has organized the “Fourth Maier S. Coop. Design Competition”, an international competition for the design of the color and trim area of vehicle interiors. Continue

Segunda Llamada: 2nd International Poster Contest

Participate in the 2nd international Poster contest, with the theme "Actions for sustainable use of water". Continue

BIG Wins the Stockholmsporten Master Plan Competition with Their Proposal: the Energy Valley

BIG, Grontmij and Spacescape are the winning team for the Stockholmsporten master plan competition to design a new entrance portal into Stockholm at the intersection of a newly planned super‐junction. Continue

Berlin project 2011 Invite Artists for a Painting, Print & Drawing Exhibition

The Berlin project 2011 are inviting artists from around the world to apply with their recent painting, print and drawing works.

International E-Waste Design Competition: Explore Ways to Reuse E-Waste

Students have the opportunity to showcase their ideas for recycling and reducing e-waste during the International E-Waste Design Competition. Continue

4 Must-Read Strategy Masterpieces for Creatives

These are four masterpieces on strategy that has given guidance to strategic thinking throughout centuries. Today, you can get them here, for free. Continue

2011 European Design Award: Design for all Generations

Join the Design Eleven competition. Registration for participants is open until May 30, 2011, with no registration fee required. Continue

ADC Young Guns 9 Upcoming Event: What do You Fight for?

The international creative community can now participate in the ADC Young Guns 9 upcoming "A Young Guns Parade and Funeral March for Fighters and Lovers” kickoff event in New York via ADC's "I Fight For" project. Continue

Holcim Awards Competition: Promote Sustainable Construction

The Holcim Awards is a series of international competitions being conducted for the 3rd time to recognize innovative projects and future-oriented concepts in sustainable construction on regional and global levels. Continue

BIG’s Design Solution for the Green Development of Wooden Multi-Story Buildings

BIG’s proposal PUU-BO is a prefabricated solution, designed to be both extremely flexible and materially efficient. Continue

How Blacksheep took Their Stylish Design Focus to Create the New Restaurant Galoupet’s Interior

To establish the new restaurant's gourmet design, Blacksheep studio adapted their design style into the making of Galoupet's interior. Below you can follow the design elements they used to accomplish this stylish look. Continue

2011 International Student Store Design Competition

The 2011 International Student Store Design Competition will be awarding a total of $10,000.00 USD to the winners. Continue

Young Package: International Competition of Packaging Design

Here's a reminder of the Young Package competition where entries must be submitted by March, 15th, 2011! Continue

Spark Concept Award: For Work That is in the Idea or Proposal Stage

If your favorite work is in the idea or proposal stage, the Spark Concept Awards might be a fun competition for you. It includes architectural proposals, concept automobiles and design student work. Continue