International Competition for Graduate Theses on Sustainable Architecture & Design Innovation

The goal of the ADA 2011 Architecture Dissertation Awards is to increase and promote sustainability culture and green architecture. Continue

European Copper in Architecture Awards Promote & Reward Excellence in Design by Architects

All entries for this competition must incorporate cladding, roofing or other architectural elements of copper or copper alloys, such as bronze and brass. Continue

For Any Creative Who Has an Interest in Seoul: Public Design Competition

The theme for the Seoul Public Design competition is design that offers pleasure and convenience for users. Continue

This Year’s AECOM Student Competition Focuses on Water

AECOM's student competition 2011 has its focus on the world's most vital resource, water. Continue

No Rules, Great Spot Competition: Got Ideas for the Praça de Lisboa?

No rules, great spot is a sentence written/graffiti in a wall of the demolished Praça de Lisboa and has become the motto for this international ideas competition to a paradigmatic space, in Oporto 's city centre. Continue

Animal Architecture Awards: How can a Greater Understanding of Biotic and Ecological Relationships Reshape Cities

Animal Architecture are looking for projects that engage in the lives, minds and behaviors of species: insects, birds, mammals, fish and microorganisms. Continue

3XN’s New Bella Chandelier: Bringing Art and Science Together

The geometry of the light sculpture is inspired by the design of the Bella Sky Hotel, that called for a unique collaboration of partners. Continue

International Student Design Competition: Why Tall?

Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) are inviting students from around the globe to take part in the CTBUH 2011 Student Design Competition: Why Tall? Continue

The Generative Space Award: Improve Health & Health Care with Design

The Generative Space Award recognizes break-through designs that improve health and healthcare. Your mission for the competition is to clearly demonstrate the integration of the physical and social environments to make your community "a Place to Flourish". Continue

LOFT London Farm Tower 2011: Design a New Skyscraper on the Thames Waterfront

In London there is still a strong demand for housing and for public functions in downtown areas where the presence of public transportation makes the site extremely strategic. Continue

Algae Landscape Design Competition 2011: Integrate Future Algae Production Systems

The Algae Landscape Design Competition 2011 are looking for Creatives around the globe who are interested in designing algae production systems. Continue

Slant Awards 2011: International Competition for Students of Landscape Architecture

This first international competition for the SLANT AWARDS is aimed at students of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design. Continue

Get Ready for This Year’s Lively Architecture Festival in Montpellier

If you live close to the city of Montpellier, you might want to visit the 6th edition of Lively Architecture, which will be held from 15th to 19th june 2011. Continue

Designated Sketcher Contest: Sketch a Work in Process

The contest requirement is that your sketch shows a process of design. The competition will convey an award to the sketch that best exemplifies work in process. Continue

Exhibition Event: Underwater Design by Giancarlo Zema

You can find architect Giancarlo Zema's new limited edition objects of design in an exhibition event being held during the Milan Design Week 2011. Continue

International Competition: the 2011 Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards

International competition showcases projects that give old buildings new life and reduce their environmental footprint. Continue

ACADIA 2011 – Design and Fabrication Competition: Open to Architects, Artists & Designers

ACADIA seeks proposals for experimental projects that digitally pursue the discovery, appropriation, adaptation, and alteration of methods, processes and techniques of fabrication and assembly. Continue

Art Directors Club Announcing the 2011 Hall of Fame Laureates

The Art Directors Club, yesterday announced the latest group of laureates into the prestigious ADC Hall of Fame. An exhibition of work by these latest laureates will also be on display and open to the public free of charge at the ADC Gallery. Continue