Photo Contest by CityVision “Our Lady Sustainability”: Open to All

A photo competition called Our Lady Sustainability is open to all. "Each participant may only submit one image which portrays their concept of sustainability through the use of an architectural scenario and one or more living beings." Continue

Brain Strategies For Productivity And Creativity

What you do in a day reflects what you do in a year. This realization is important to understand for peak productivity. Many things we do in our daily life are down right destructive, some we know some we don't. We have to eliminate our bad habits and ad positive ones. Here is a list of strategies you can incorporate in your daily life. Continue

New Interior Design of one of Scandinavia’s Largest Hotels: the Bella Sky

We showed 3XN's project, Bella Sky, construction images last year. Now, the images of their interior design has been released. Continue

Sarah Turner’s Design for Sodastream’s Campaign: Handmade From 562 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Sodastream’s campaign aims to reduce the amount of plastic bottles people buy, and with this tactic reduce the amount that end up thrown away. Eco artist Sarah Turner made this big sphere to help communicate the message of 'A World Without Bottles'. Continue

BIG Wins The Competition To Design a Major Cultural Center In Albania

BIG, Martha Schwartz Landscape, Buro Happold , Speirs & Major, Lutzenberger & Lutzenberger, and Global Cultural Asset Management are announced as the winning team of the international design competition for a new 27.000 m2 cultural complex in Albania.

The Mid-Polis: 2011 International Architecture Student Competition

This competition asks entrants to consider how familiar and new urban patterns and building typologies can serve to redefine a mid-polis site. Continue

Spain-China 2011 Competition: For All Architecture Students & Young Architects Around the World

The aim of SC2011 is to offer opportunities, for all young architects around the world, that are not always available through other selection methods. Continue

SHH Combines Contemporary & Classic Design for Office Interiors Project

SHH has completed an office interiors project, set within a 5-storey early Georgian terrace in the West End of London, for an international shipping company. Continue

International Competition: Rehearsal Spaces for Musicians

This competition seeks proposals that define the distribution of a space within the industrial building that was acquired in Madrid to house rehearsal spaces. Continue