SHH Redesigns Café Liberty with Vintage and Contemporary Elements

Architects and designers SHH have redesigned Café Liberty, a 60-cover, second floor restaurant at London’s Liberty department store on Regent Street originally constructed in 1924 using the timbers of two ships (HMS Impregnable and HMS Hindustan). Continue

The Installation Concept of the Theo Jansen Exhibition

Japanese landscaper Eiki Danzuka worked alongside Dutch artist Theo Jansen to establish the arrangement of the "Theo Jansen Exhibition." The installation of Jansen's works in the space captures both the natural setting of Oita and the Dutch landscape. Continue

How MET Studio will Create the War Horse Exhibition for a Family Audience

Experiential designers MET Studio are creating the new War Horse: Fact & Fiction exhibition at London’s National Army Museum in Chelsea. The exhibition will tell the real-life story of the use of horses in warfare right through British military history Continue

EASTERN Design Office’s New Creative Project: The Keyhole House

EASTERN design office has once again accomplished a creative architecture based on a simple concept. This time they have designed a house that symbolizes a key. Continue

How to Become an Effective Problem Solver

To begin, we should ask: what is a problem? When you find yourself in one situation and you want to get to another but don’t know how to get there, you got a problem. The process that a problem solver needs to go through is firstly to define the problem and then explore ways that leads to a solution(s). Continue

How designLSM Puts Together a Sophisticated Interior Design that Fits Waldorf Hotel’s Image

designLSM were asked by their client Hilton to redevelop the reception within the Waldorf Hotel. The design team’s mission was in essence to add sophistication and glamour into the reception’s appearance as the Waldorf Hilton is internationally known for these two things. Continue