Create Product Prototypes and Concepts for the New Design Contest: SUN.LAB 2012, “Nature Inside”

SUN. in co-operation with CarusoD’AngeliStudio, presents “SUN. LAB for a creative outdoor,” an international competition for young designers. Continue

Here is NAP’s Winning Project for the Europan 11 Competition

NAP is the winning team for the Europan 11 competition. This is their concept. Continue

3XN’s Green Solution House: “Adapted to the Circulation of Nature”

3XN is the studio behind the experimental hotel and conference center "where everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and where guests will get an idea of how it feels to live in a world without waste." Continue

BraunPrize 2012: Competition for Product Ideas and Ingenious Solutions for a Better Everyday

BraunPrize seeks designers & inventors who can highlight the importance of industrial and innovative products. The product concepts submitted should focus on the essential topics of today. Continue

GLOW: New Competition, Can You Make Copley One of the Greatest Squares in the World Using Light?

Can you make Copley one of the greatest squares in the world using light? This is the main challenge presented in SHIFTboston's new international competition called GLOW. Continue