Landscape, Light, & Sustainable Energy: New Headquarters for Pratic by GEZA

In Fagagna, Northern Italy, the new headquarters and production for Pratic by GEZA architects Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi has been recently inaugurated. Continue

3XN’s New Design for a City Hall and Cultural Center in the Dutch City of Nieuwegein

3XN has designed the new City Hall and cultural center in the Dutch city of Nieuwegein. Here you can see the new building. Continue

ADC’s Young Guns 10 Competition is Now Open

ADC Call for entries to Young Guns 10 will open on March 13, 2012. Continue

Announcing the SLANT Awards Spring 2012 Competition: Design a Concept Plan for a City Sector

The SLANT AWARDS SPRING 2012 Competition is open to all, with the challenge being to design a concept plan for a city sector which is undergoing urban renewal. Continue

Get Involved in Science Projects

I would like to recommend Petridish: a site for funding science projects that you support and in return get updates on the researchers' process. Continue

Barreca & La Varra: The Design Ideas Behind the New Building B5 in Milan

The new office building B5 designed by Barreca & La Varra studio has just been completed. The building is an integral part of a master plan intended for research and intellectual work. Continue

SHH’s Design for a 13,000 Square Feet Modernist House

Architects SHH has now started to design a 13,000 sq ft new-build modernist house, located within the Highgate Conservation Area. Find the concept design below. Continue

3XN’s Modern Nordic Interior Design for NOMA Lab

Here is 3XN's modern expression of the Nordic interior design for NOMA Restaurant’s food lab. Continue

EASTERN Design Office’s New Project: Renovation Process Described by the Client

EASTERN design office sent us the renovation process of their T residence, where the process is described from the client’s point of view. Continue