Have Fun with 26 Open Source Software for Designers and Artists

Always looking for new exciting features that makes your working process just a bit easier and fun? Here are 26 open source software that will do the trick. Continue

Videos on How Five Brilliant Designers Think About Design

I'd like to share these five presentations of well established designers because they in a very simple and inspiring way describe their projects and how they see the world. Continue

Gowanus by Design Announces Open Design & Planning Competition: Water_Works

This competition focuses on the post-industrial development of a contaminated site in the Gowanus Canal watershed that offers the challenge of rethinking how a new community resource can become an agent for remediation within a diverse urban context. Continue

Introduction to Blender for Open Source Newbies: A Great Asset for Designers

The great thing about open source software is that it creates huge opportunities for designers and makes our professional life so much easier than it was just a couple of years ago. The open source software that I want to talk about today, is not new per say but it does surprise me how many designers who have not yet heard of it. Continue

New Nursery Project by ecdm: Modern Design in Paris

This project by ecdm takes place in a heterogeneous district made of buildings of different sizes, styles and periods. It’s an environment that is slightly old-fashioned and disintegrated, typical of the heterogeneous architecture which characterizes the Parisian peri-urban zones. Continue

Dynamic Design: Ismini Karali’s Kitchen Bar in South Africa

Ismini Karali Design’s new project for a kitchen bar in Johannesburg, South Africa was completed in May 2012. The bar was already quite successful and belongs to a restaurant that has been open for more than seven years. But it needed immediate renovation. Continue

The Winning Design for Copenhagen Arena: Team led by 3XN Architects

A team of 3XN, HKS Architects, Arup, ME Engineers and Planit has won the design competition for the new Copenhagen Arena. The arena will have a capacity of between 12,500 and 15,000 spectators. It is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015. Continue