BLUA’s New Sports Project in Hangzhou

The Hangzhou sports project by BLUA is based on creating an urban plaza "while also creating an icon for the lack of large-scale commercial facilities and distribution of leisure spaces". See the renderings here. Continue

EARTHSCAPE Wins 2012 Green GOOD DESIGN Award for Its Medical Herbman Cafe Project

Landscape design studio, EARTHSCAPE has won a 2012 Green GOOD DESIGN Award in the Research/Technology category for the MHCP - Medical Herbman Cafe Project. Continue

Edward Suzuki: “An Architect’s Exploration of Atomic Structure”

The Principal Architect at Edward Suzuki Associates, Inc, Edward Suzuki is one of the finalists to compete in the TED Worldwide Talent Search: "The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered". Watch his talk here. Continue