Animal Watercolor Paintings by Susan Windsor

Susan Windsor knows how to bring out a personality in her painted animals. See them below. Continue

Send Your Letters with Style: 25 Beautiful Envelope Designs

There are few things in life that are as delighting as receiving a traditional letter in your mailbox. It gets even better when the envelope tells a story or provides a mood. See 25 beautiful envelope designs below. Continue

Ismini Karali’s New Café Design: D-Tales

D-Tales is a new café - bar, that just opened its doors in the beginning of June 2013. Ismini Karali's newly designed café is located at the ground floor of a neoclassical building at the central square of Tripolis, Greece. Continue

Calgary’s Tallest Tower: Opening of The Bow

This week marks the official opening of The Bow, a 237-metre-high headquarters tower – the city’s tallest building and Canada’s tallest tower outside Toronto. The architects behind it are Foster + Partners. Continue

William Lamson’s Solarium has 162 Panels made of Sugar

William Lamson's 'Solarium' has 162 panels made out of sugar. The panels are cooked to different temperatures and then sealed between two panes of window glass. The cabin works both as an experimental greenhouse, growing three species of miniature citrus trees, and a meditative environment. Continue

Chris Gilmour’s Cardboard Artwork

Artist Chris Gilmour makes beautifully detailed sculptures out of cardboard. His pieces are all life-sized. An assembling of some of his work can be viewed here. Continue

Triumph Pavilion 2013 in the Museum Gardens in London

This week the London Festival of Architecture starts, which is a month long festival celebrating architecture and how London can be a richer place with varied programmes across the city hosted by independent practices and artists. ArchTriump is announcing the exhibition of the showcase “Peace Pavilion” in the Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA. Continue

Painting with Espresso: Karen Eland’s Coffee Creations

For you who love coffee, I present a real treat: Karen Eland's paintings. All painted with espresso. See her work below. Continue

Visual Deceptions: Tom Eckert’s Wood Sculptures

Sculptor Tom Eckert's work is entirely formed with wood, and then painted. Find his great work below. Continue

Beauty of Nature: Jasmin Rowlandson’s Sculptural Ceramics

Sculptural ceramist Jasmin Rowlandson makes porcelain sculptures that are inspired by nature, the land, water, and the environment. See her sculptures here. Continue