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3XN’s Green Solution House: “Adapted to the Circulation of Nature”

3XN is the studio behind the experimental hotel and conference center "where everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and where guests will get an idea of how it feels to live in a world without waste."

The project is managed by head of 3XN’s innovation unit, GXN, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen: "In Denmark, the construction industry alone is responsible for 30% of all waste generated. Waste that puts an enormous burden on the environment, but with Green Solution House we demonstrate that this is a problem, which we can actually solve."

The Green Solution House conference center on the Danish island of Bornholm is developed and designed in accordance with the principles of Cradle 2 Cradle®". This means that all materials used in the building are either completely recyclable or biodegradable, therefore, the building design takes on the ambition to eliminate the concept of waste.

Eliminating waste means that everything must be part of a circulation. Thus, the building is designed for disassembly and constructed of defined recyclable materials. Solar energy produces the energy consumed in the building, rain water is collected and water used is biologically cleaned and reused. Integrated green houses produce organic fruits and vegetables for the hotel restaurant. Further, the daily material flows from running the center is either recycled or composted.

High ambitions
For Kasper Guldager Jørgensen it is part of his everyday work to investigate how fungus can be used as isolation material or how algae can be used in solar screening. This is why he is excited that the Green Solution house is a building in continuous development. It will be a dynamic building.

The Island of Bornholm is already a popular travel destination and surveys made among professional conference organizers show that the Green Solution House will attract even more visitors to the small scenic island. Bornholm has a clear vision to become one of the most ambitious European communities within sustainable living and the Green Solution House is a core element of this vision.

The four goals of the Green Solution House are:
1. To be a platform for the highest level of sustainable development
2. To be an example of continuous improvement
3. To show solutions on biodiversity, materials, energy, water, and waste
4. To grow a local and global network for knowledge sharing

No Waste Diagrams

Address: Strandvejen 79, 3700 Rønne, Denmark
Client: Hotel Ryttergården
Size: 4.500m2
Completion: 2013
Budget: 65 mio. DKK
Lead Architect: 3XN and GXN (design and project management)
Partner Architects: William McDonough + Partners (cradle to cradle)
Engineers: Esbensen Consulting Engineers (climate and energy)

GXN consists of a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and designers. The unit has currently 11 ongoing research projects and takes part of all projects managed by 3XN.

Images from 3XN.

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