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A World of Possibilities: Madoka Sato

When the Italian Post-Modern Design was born in the middle of the 1980s, Tokyo born designer Madoka Sato, saw how design could be experienced and explored in many different ways. She became so excited by the fact of how much diversity that was involved in the world of design, that she decided to become a product designer in her own way and opened her eyes to a new world of possibilities. She moved to Milan where she was awarded a master degree in design at the Domus Academy. Madoka started her own design studio with Domenico Ambrosinoio.

For me Design is a part of the society, so if the society changes, the needs for design also could be changed. But the principal question, for me, should not be change. I think of the market not only for the commercial meaning, but for the society. The situation of the world changes. First, I would like to be a human and then a designer. Now, I would like to create design as something that lasts a long lifetime.


The chaise-longue "Long Y"(2000) was the most difficult product. Because of the structure and also it was difficult to wear it in leather. It was very interesting to collaborate with a model-maker. He has much experience. I learnt that it is very important to have a "team" when producing. In my studio, we are trying to find new solutions with not only aesthetics in mind.

Basically, Madoka Sato’s advice is:

Go your own way!

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