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Act Now and Make Your Vision Come True: Ayako Takagi

Uamou is a life story made by Ayako Takagi. This little creature has from being a child’s imagination developed into multiple figures and prints that are sold and exhibited around the globe. Find out how Takagi began her Uamou vision and how she made it grow into what it is today.

Buuts Buuts Uamou Exhibition in Shanghai, China and Kyoto, Japan.

Ever since childhood, Tokyo born Ayako Takagi, has been fascinated in making things. Having parents who were both jewelers, the young Takagi didn’t find it unusual to create things by imagination and used their own atelier as a playground.

I like robots, animals, mythical creatures and monsters. As a child I was always imagining and drawing such things. When I was 14 years old, Uamou came into my mind. Since then, he has been evolving and developing. The vision behind Uamou is to create something that straddles the border of a simple and direct icon with a character that has its own story.

Uamou Cafe

The most challenging part I am currently facing is bringing Uamou to life through animation. I am still working on it! I'm always working on new ways to bring Uamou forward in fresh and novel ways, so I am constantly adjusting my style of working to suit the current project. I always welcome and value customer feedback. :)


I am currently working on a new series of Uamou soft vinyl figures, as well as a Uamou CG animation project. I am also opening a gallery/shop at the end of this year, so it is very exciting!

Takagi advices designers to follow three key words: Believe. Act. Persevere.

Tokyo Contents Market 2009 @ Tokyo Big Sight

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