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Adrien Rovero on Concept and Style

Swiss industrial designer, Adrien Rovero defines design with three words “Conceptual, décalé et poétique” (conceptual, offbeat and poetic). He says that he cares a lot about concept when he begins a project. “A good understanding of it makes me ask the right questions.”

Adrien Rovero by Zoe Jobin

He states that design is affected by life styles, “people are living and interacting with the materials, basically, we are making objects to be in use. So if people have certain habits; it naturally affects the project. That is why I also really like observing everyday life to feed my mind.”

Design depends a lot with the context where it’s growing. Rovero thinks design is everywhere as it is directly connected to production, any kind of production. “So it is really important for me to understand properly the situation where the project is acting. I always have this question in mind when I start a project.” For example, he says that he has a feeling that there’s a contemporary scene in Swiss design and perhaps this will follow the entire Swiss thinking, which is neutral, precise and quality.

The reason he thinks that design is so interesting is because he can’t consider only one definition to explain what design is, and he doesn’t think that a complete lifetime would solve it. “I try to find my own angle to drive my thought. I care a lot about the balance between the idea of the project, its manufacturing possibilities and the visual feeling.”

He explains that Simplicity is a keyword in his projects; “I try to be able to explain clearly the project in only one sentence. My goal is to keep being enjoyed by thinking of things and producing in the design area. I hope to reach that by working with interesting clients. I would really like to create objects that are produced in large numbers without losing the quality. The gap in the furniture field between mass production and high end companies is growing and I feel that there is an interesting space in between.”


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  1. Sara Fonseca says:

    Adrien Rovero is such a creative designer! His work is really inspiring...
    I’ve been doing some research for my project class, and today I found some very good design!
    Do you know Boca do Lobo? They’re pieces really impressed me! Take a look at their website http://www.bocadolobo.com/.
    Can you give me some advice on some new designers or companies like Adrien Rovero and Boca do Lobo for me to follow?

  2. DUDYE says:

    Sara, there are many new and exciting companies and designers that you can discover. If you like Rovero and Boca Do Lobo, you might also like Philip Michael Wolfson's works:

    Kenneth Nilson is also a great and artistic designer who makes all of his furniture by hand:

    To name some newer designers and brands:

    alvinT is a brand (and person) dedicated to circulating the Indonesian design industry. http://dudye.com/indonesian-design-the-jewell-pouf

    Talia Radford, a young and innovative industrial designer: http://dudye.com/talia-radford

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