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Against all Odds: François Mangeol’s Lampshade

The Rabat- Jour is a 90 g / m2 contemporary lampshade paper by designer François Mangeol. The name Rabat - Jour consists of a layering of elements that symbolizes what the lampshade paper stands for.

It's a word play between:

• "Abat-jour" (French word for lampshade)
• "Rabat" comes from Arabic "ribat, which means victory.
• "Rabat-joie" (French word for killjoys characters). This name was inspired by everyone that told Mangeol that packaging paper around light bulbs wasn't possible.


The game around this project is to challenge the user, to make you accept the idea that the shade of paper won't burn when in contact with low voltage light bulbs, this is a victory for us if we can light and use less energy.

It is a simple project that requires little implementation as it’s intended to dress the naked lights bulbs, that are hanging from the ceilings.

Rabat jour

By Francois Mangeol

Abat- Jour

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