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Algae Landscape Design Competition 2011: Integrate Future Algae Production Systems

The Algae Landscape Design Competition 2011 are looking for Creatives around the globe who are interested in designing algae production systems.

In this international open ideas competition, you're supposed to answer: How algae production will be integrated into future landscapes, farms and eco-communities. What will they look like and how will they work? Your mission is to design integrated APS into future landscapes, farms, coastlines, cities, infrastructure, buildings and eco-communities.

Design Algae Landscape Ideas and Categories
• integrated commercial farms
• community micro farms
• urban landscapes
• appropriate village farmsvertical farms, green walls
• suburban landscapes
• rooftop systems
• parks and gardensagricultural landscapes
• greenhouse systems
• new model communities
• sea and ocean landscapes


Algae Abundance Grand Prize: $3,000
Algae Landscape Design First Prize: $2,000

Eligibility, Deadlines & Fees

Open to algae enthusiasts, architects, designers, visionaries, builders, students and teams. With one registration you can enter as an individual or a team but not both. If you have submitted a project as a team, a second registration is required to submit as an individual.

Registration closes: Sep 11, 2011
Submission closes: Oct 11, 2011

Entry Fee
$100 for companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, architects, designers, teams.
$50 for students, not working for pay, temporarily unemployed, NGO personnel.
$25 for students and temporarily unemployed from developing world countries.

Please, visit the International Algae Competition's website, for more information and other algae competitions.

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1 Comment

  1. Bruce Johnson says:

    The Algae Production System Design and landscape competition

    I have an Idea that someone might consider using . I thought of using
    old tankers as algae and fish farm production vessels. These converted ships can go to tropical zones where growing conditions are best
    for spirulina production by putting growing systems on deck underneath
    the ship you could put a net which would keep fish in and preditors out
    for farm raising ocean fish you can also use seawater for growing the algae and use the algae to feed the fish. these vessels could feed
    whole populations taking the strain off land based agricutual systems

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