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Alter Ego: “The Coolest Kindest Water Filter On the Planet”

"Alter Ego" by the Aquaovo team, is a great way to prove how smart design and technology can improve the world.

The Alter Ego Story. from Manuel Desrochers on Vimeo.

50 days left to Alter Ego Phase II:

Information from Indiegogoz:
The Alter Ego project is moving forward and we are presently fine tuning the design and readying for the launch of the mould production. Thanks to your awesome contributions, the first phase of this campaign has allowed us to raise enough money to pay for the moulds and honor the perks that were bought.

And now we ask for your help to raise a little more money so that we can order more products and get the word out there to make this project a commercial success. The more capital we raise to maximize distribution channels, the greater the chance of establishing a lasting brand. Our goal is to provide a steady long term stream of income to our water charities.

This campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by Thu 28 Mar 11:59PM PT.
Learn more here.

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