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Animal Architecture Awards: How can a Greater Understanding of Biotic and Ecological Relationships Reshape Cities

Animal Architecture are looking for projects that engage in the lives, minds and behaviors of species: insects, birds, mammals, fish and microorganisms.

The competition organizers want your critical and unpublished essays & projects to address how architecture can mediate and encourage multiple new ways of species learning and benefiting from each other:

"We believe that a greater understanding of biotic and ecological relationships can influence design, reshape our cities, and restructure our homes — benefiting the human and non-human animals that interact with and around them. The burgeoning field of Anthrozoology is quantifying the positive effects of actively engaging other animals in human life. More than just simply pets, how can this growing awareness of other species influence the way we shape the world?", Animal Architecture.

Deadlines & Fees

Register By: May 15th 2011
Deadline for Submissions: June 12th 2011
Fees: $25 Students, $50 Professionals

For more information please visit Animalarchitecture.Org

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