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Announcing the SLANT Awards Spring 2012 Competition: Design a Concept Plan for a City Sector

The SLANT AWARDS SPRING 2012 Competition is open to all, with the challenge being to design a concept plan for a city sector which is undergoing urban renewal. This is a worldwide competition open to all those who have an interest in landscape design and urban planning, and students are especially encouraged to enter.

"As in our previous competitions we want participants to have as free a hand as possible when designing this project; therefore we are keeping the brief and the entry requirements to a minimum. The city in question is not a real city, it has been designed solely for this competition, and its location is not being specified. It is a generic city that could be almost anywhere in the world and participants are free to choose the country in which you would like this imaginary city to be located."


Prize 1: Euro 1,000
Prize 2: Euro 600
Prize 3: Euro 400

In addition to the cash prizes the award winners will also receive a certificate signed by the judges, along with a critique of their design.

Award winners will have their projects prominently displayed on slant.eu and on the Slant Facebook Page.

Up to six additional projects will be awarded a certificate of "High Commendation", and these projects will also be published on the Slant website and on the Slant Facebook Page.


You may enter as often as you like, either as an individual, or in a group, or as a company or firm, and you have up to 11 June 2012 to make your final submission.


The following schedule of fees will apply up to midnight GMT on 13 April 2012 after which time rates will rise by €10 across each category.

Full Fees
One Person: €50
Two People: €90
Three People: €135
Four People or more: €180
Company/Firm: €180

Concession Fees
One Person: €35
Two People: €60
Three People: € 90
Four People or more: €120
Company/ Firm: €120
Concession fees apply to Students, Previous SLANT AWARD WINNERS and Previous Winners of SLANT High Commendation.

For more information, visit SLANT's website.

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