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Beat: Inside Out

Opposed to the previous project “WITH”, this house is located on an urban area in Kanagawa, Japan. When constructed there were already 3 houses built in the North, East, and West, less than 1 meter away from a property line.


"First, we imaged a “plaza” inside of the house as the LDK (n = number of private rooms L = living D = dining K = kitchen). This plaza is not like a park opening to nature, but more like Plaza del Campo, Siena, and Plaza del Rotunda, Rome Italy which are created by studying human scale and historical urban fabric system. Even though they are created artificially, they bring invisible relief into our minds when we are there. It’s like you are lead to an illusion between the interior and exterior…"

"So we started to think about how we could design the house so that it could bring the family the illusion of feeling outside when living inside this house. The answer was to create a 5 m double volume plaza (LDK) that exists so that the family could share all their activities in. Opposite to the plaza (LDK), in the center body of the house there’re private rooms (master bedroom and kid’s bedroom) placed in different levels and service rooms (bathroom, toilet, and storage) that surrounds the plaza (LDK)."

Beat Interior

Project Name: BEAT
Project Year: 2008-2009
Location: Sagamihara City, Kanagawa, Japan
Program: Residential
Structure: Wood Construction
Site Area: 111.25 sqm
Building Area: 54.21 sqm
Total Floor Area: 91.58 sqm

Beat 2

Beat 1

Beat Interior Design

Beat Design


Interior Design

Kanagawa, Japan

Wood Construction

Sagamihara City

54.21 sqm

111.25 sqm

Beat Exterior

Beat Exterior Design


"Since we had to find a solution with a small budget, an exterior skin had to be made by only one material and so the house should be a mass and a unity object. We chose black color which makes its existence stand out in the urban environment."

"In the proximate urban area like Tokyo, people always look for a private space where they can hide and disappear from outside activities. Here we started to design how a house can settle a boundary of living activities that is happening outside and inside of everyday life."

About Studio LOOP

Studio LOOP

Studio LOOP consists of a team of five members, three architects including an interior designer, one working with management, and one with marketing. They were grouped and established in 2005. They primarily work on architectural design, product and interior design, also digital media involved in this field.

"LOOP doesn't just mean circle, but LOOP stands for a relationship among family, friends, nature, ecology, society, culture and world. Our concept is to re-establish the way architectural thinking on how it can be solved in different perceptions. Not only by architecture but also by activities, we hope to create a new "LOOP"."

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