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Bioclimatic & Modular Architecture: Infiniski’s lofts

Infiniski is an architecture and construction studio established by architects and designers James & Mau - Jaime Gaztelu and Maurico Galeano.

Loft Exterior

The environment is changing, maybe not a grand secret, especially to Infiniski. An architectural studio that works with eco-friendly houses and buildings based on the use of Recycled, Reused and Non polluting (green) materials and the integration of alternative and Renewable energy.

James & Mau has put their focus on innovative and contemporary designs based on bioclimatic (sustainable design that mainly addresses comfort through design adaptations, site-specific and regional climate conditions.) and modular architecture.

As working with sustainable material can take a lot of time and money, Infiniski has made it their mission to design and construct not only green but also with low-cost and fast. They try to think about the values of architecture and construction in a different and new manner: a contribution to the needs of our changing environment.

Here are their Loft 60 and Loft 120. The numbers on their names are based on their constructed area's size in m2.


loft 120 Exterior


Loft 120 interior

60 interior

Loft 60

Loft 60 interior

120 interior

Stay tuned for more of their work.

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  1. Jason Pilkenton says:

    I am interested in the two story loft 120. Please let me know more info. Floor plan and pricing.

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