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BraunPrize 2012: Competition for Product Ideas and Ingenious Solutions for a Better Everyday

BraunPrize seeks designers & inventors who can highlight the importance of industrial and innovative products. The product concepts submitted should focus on the essential topics of today.

The BraunPrize 2012 embraces the increased relevance of well-designed products that help improve all aspects of everyday life.

"With most people´s daily challenges becoming increasingly complex and demanding, we are relying on ubiquitous technology, highly connected social structures and our ability to cope with a fast, 24/7 lifestyle. Our everyday has become an artificial environment of architecture and technology and while it seems that the quantity of products around us is consistently increasing, their level of quality is not. We have surrounded ourselves by many things we don´t really value, instead of focusing on fewer but better solutions to help us live our lives. With this in mind, the BraunPrize 2012 is looking for ingenious solutions and product ideas to make our everyday a better place."

Participants are free to choose any subject for their product concepts as long as there is a connection to the everyday theme.

"The product concepts submitted should represent innovations in design and technology, focusing on the essential topics of today like sustainability, health & well-being, the aging population, mobility and individuality. The conceptual designs should be developed with users needs in mind showing applications which support them in their everyday lives – in the home, at work, school or on our daily commute, during sports and leisure activities, or in the context of health and personal care. Concepts can address big, global problems or find simple, ingenious solutions for small, daily routines."


The jury assesses all product concepts with the following criteria:
• Design – the combination of innovation, usability, ergonomics and aesthetics
• Technology – the use of innovative technology to improve product functionality
• Sustainability – the environmental compatibility of the product concept

The product concept should be designed with the benefit it provides for the user and society as the focal point. The following additional factors are also taken into account during the assessment process:
• The clarity of the content
• The quality of the presentation
• A thorough analysis of the assumptions on which the product concept is based
• The feasibility of the concept with regard to processes and costs

Awards and Prizes

"With a particularly strong focus on sustainable solutions for everyday life, the BraunPrize 2012 will introduce new Sustainability Awards in addition to the traditional Global Design Awards. National BraunPrize winners will also be announced, highlighting the very best talents in individual countries. The total prize money for the BraunPrize 2012 was raised to $100,000 USD."

The Gold winners will each receive $15,000 USD, Silver $10,000 USD and Bronze winners $5,000 USD. The winners of the Sustainability Awards will each receive $5,000 USD. In addition, the 30 National Winners will each receive $1,000 USD in prize money.

Entry conditions

The competition is open for all product designers world-wide. Entries will be separated into two categories:
Student: students who are still studying, or young designers who have graduated since January 2009.
Professional/Enthusiast: professional designers, design interested enthusiasts and inventors who have a clever product concept.

"Entries must be product concepts and projects not yet in production. The focus of the BraunPrize is product design. Software, interaction or media design will be considered as an integral part of a submitted overall (hardware and software) product concept. Individual or team participation is accepted. Personnel of P&G and Braun are excluded from the competition."

Required Documents

"Participants must register online and enter general personal and project information. The name of the entrant or a company logo must not appear on any of the items. How ever, project names – such as “LeapFrog” – are permitted on all elements and are a helpful feature.

In order to ensure complete anonymity, projects are only identified by a number throughout the entire competition. All material must be in English. Please consider that the jury has a limited amount of time for each project to capture essential details.

Please select documents that will describe the project clearly and concisely. Objects are transported to Braun at the entrant’s risk. Only specially requested objects will be returned. The organizer is liable only for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence."

The following documents and digital elements must be uploaded or sent by post:

Participation Guidelines

Online registration and upload: October 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012.

Participants who submit all requested materials by the end of February 2012 will automatically take part in a drawing for three exclusive Braun wristwatches. All documents must reach Braun by March 31, 2012.

Participants must first register online at www.braunprize.com. Product concepts can be uploaded online or can be mailed on a digital data medium to Braun GmbH.

For more information, make sure to visit Braunprize.com. If you have any questions about the competition please send an e-mail to: braunprize.im@pg.com.

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