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Catching daily life: Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Influential photographer, Nobuyuki Kobayashi, has been interested in photography since his second year in high school, as he began taking photographs of his trips.

After many of his trips, his friends had grown a curiosity for them and asked to see his explorations and for him to bring a camera with him as he went. “Then from that, I decided to take photos for my friends. But actually I didn't like photography until then...” he affirms.

Nobuyuki Kobayashi Portrait

Kobayashi focus a lot on catching glimpses of everyday living that can bring happiness. Expressions are "different from snap to snap, different from document too. Inspiration comes to me when “I feel alive, when I encounter the events that exceed my imagination.”

"Photography is not a coincidence, take photographs where concept and vision are expressed."

Favorite scenario: "Casual scene, a casual scenery in daily life. Most people live straightly: they are living a life that is accepting circumstances. I like such a power in a human being."

"When the mind is moved and touched, when the light is beautiful and when the object shines", that is when Kobayashi starts to take photographs of his surrounding.

"Photography is truly pleasant. And I believe to be very lucky to be able to materialize the images which the presence demonstrates. When I face the person and scenery, I feel happiness."

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