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Cool New Lamps By Kenneth Nilson

Kenneth Nilson's lamps show how interesting shadows can be within a design.

Information provided by Kenneth Nilson:

31 steel segments, powder coated in translucent gold around a 3.5 watt LED bulb. 18 inches in diameter.

Astrocyte Pendant
18 inches in diameter. Two layers of powder coated steel around a 3.5 watt LED bulb. Based on nerve cells in the brain and maps of the universe. The strands representing clusters of galaxies.

Steel with a translucent gold powder coat. 12 inches in diameter. Also using a 3.5 watt LED bulb.

Cast Bulb Pendant
20 cast lucite bulbs around 2 to 4 LED bulbs. Using 7 to 14 watts of power. Antique wiring and chrome sockets. It's a nod to the endangered incandescent bulbs. Now as baubles and not energy hogs.


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