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Creativity Enhancing Activities

A true master is constantly developing his/her skills, and doesn't leave victory or failure up to chance. By learning new skills we force our tool box to expand in order to fit our new tools. The more skills you have the greater your creativity can be. By increasing our knowledge in certain skills we increase our brain halves' connection, instigating holistic thinking.

However, skill mastery is not a prerequisite for creativity; neophyte knowledge in any skill can in fact greatly increase creativity.

Take up a skill that you find interesting. Here are some examples of what can widen your horizon and increase holistic thinking:

  • Learn a new language (a language very different from your own)
  • Grab a camera and start taking photos
  • Start to draw, paint, or doodle
  • Keep a journal (handwritten). Writing down all thoughts you have will also make you sleep better at night, giving you more energy and focus when you work.
  • Write handwritten letters to a friend
  • Learn and produce Poetry
  • Test wines or develop cooking skills

Here are some concrete steps that will lead to creativity enhancement and efficiency:

  • Do something you have never done before, at least once a week
  • Grab a camera and take pictures while you're out walking
  • Write down all your thoughts in a journal every night before you go to bed. This will make your mind free from going through everything that has happened during the day, letting both mind and body rest during the night. Making you more efficient and focused.
  • Solve at least one puzzle per day - like Sudoku, or just random brain teasers (just Google "random puzzles")
  • When you get an idea, follow through!

These are obviously just a few; the idea is to do something that more or less is the opposite of what you usually do. If you are good at math then taking up photography or drawing is something that will instigate the two brain halves. And vice versa, if you like to draw, you'd see an increase in creativity by learning a left brain skill, such as math.

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