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Damien Urvoy: Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Industrial Designer?

Being an industrial designer isn't always the easiest profession, you need to understand engineering and complete that with a creative artistic knowledge. Follow industrial designer Damien Urvoy's story on how he interacts and transforms design into the world.

"Products have always interrogated me! From a bottle opener to a space kit, they have all a story to tell: to explain what they are at this moment. There are different levels of reading different layers. And each layer is a different way of thinking about the product. There is what it connotes, what it suggests, what it is, and what it implicates... Each object, product, is free to be interpreted as a work of art. That’s why I am an industrial designer, to create my own vision of an object in order to help people’s life."

"No day looks the same! One day you can work on a baby spoon and the other you will work on a tractor. That’s also the most challenging about my work, each day and each project is different. You will never know what will happen! The most challenging about being a designer is when you start a project and you never know where you will arrive, that’s really stimulating when you never know the end!! When you have finished your project, you look back and you are always impressed about the ways you took and the lot of work you’ve done. Talking is the most efficient way to unlock a problem. It could be with another designer, your friend, your mother, your hairdresser, your plant... everyone! To understand a problem, you have to step out of the problem. The more you have hindsight, the better!"

"The first step of a design project is the analysis. We do benchmarking, user analysis, competitor analysis, user storyline, trends, consumption analysis, technology waking... Only after all these analysis can we start to create. A good design comes from a good analysis! Everything is designed! (more or less) Our job is the opportunity to make things better and to change our old habits. For me, design is creating things useful and increasing people’s daily life. We are not here to create things which are beautiful but useless: the shape answers to the function. The aesthetic aspect is the second part of our job. Function is the first part."

"Never give up! Be open minded! Share your passion! Be inspired by everything, everyone, meet and talk with as many people you can! People are really important! Our work is not selfish work! We are not designing for us but for everyone! Never take anything for granted. Our job is to interrogate the world and make it better. We are kind of like the new superheroes." :)

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  1. Donna says:

    I'm a designer too. I like my job. It is very creative 😉

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