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Designer Daniel Sánchez, on Start-up Challenges

Product designer Daniel Garcia Sánchez acquaints DUDYE with what he considers the most challenging part of being a designer; he explains that the most challenging is what he’s experiencing right now: the beginning. “All beginnings are very hard, once you know people; everything becomes easier.” His way of overcoming it is “work, work and work”.

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Daniel García was born in Valladolid, Spain, in 1984. He received a Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering. He now lives in Madrid but has lived 6 months in Mexico and 4 months in England. He first took interest in design as a child, as he wanted to become an inventor, always begging his parents to buy him a box of toy tools to create toys.

To become a successful designer; Sánchez's advice for aspiring designers is "to observe, analyze and read a lot" about design. When asking him the question on how many hours a good designer needs to work a day, he simply replies "I think directly or indirectly a designer lives every hour of the day designing, and sometimes in his dreams too. If you are thinking about a project in the bathroom, when shopping in a store or while driving: you’ll have good ideas."

One of the most common questions that is asked to designers is how they find inspiration and creativity, as this can be a problem for aspiring designers when new inventions are popping up everyday and you want to create something new and creative. Sánchez says that he "don't look for inspiration and creativity" he means that "if you don´t work in any project, the inspiration doesn´t come, but when you're working on something and most of the time thinking about it, inspiration and creativity come."

He believes that the next flow of design are more customized technology and emotional products. Though, he can't tell a list of designs that have made the greatest impact on him, he explains that what he sees daily on design blogs impresses him very much. "Sometimes the people that design are not known, but often brilliant."


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