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Dimitris Economou: Interior Design for CODICE BLU

Check out the remodeling of Italian restaurant "CODICE BLU" by Dimitris Economou.


Information provided by Dimitris Economou:

"CODICE BLU" is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Athens, in one of the most expensive sites of the centre, called "Kolonaki". The already successfully working restaurant needed a serious quick remodeling.


Interior designer Dimitris Economou decided to keep as a decorative line the white as the dominant color and give a boost to blue elements by adding elegant fabrics with blue stripes and flowers, color and vivid up with lighting some structural building details on the ceiling, change the floor material to wood-like pvc in order to exude a warm homey atmosphere and finally add some lighting constructions and specially designed blue light decorative.


The already existing open kitchen was divided from the eating area with a cold striped glass. Instead, a piece of furniture was designed, with open shelves and cabinets with glass, like granny's old kitchen cupboards, with the addition of internal white led lighting, giving a warmer note to the place, still not keeping it simple and quiet.


A modern sandblasted mirror with colored lighting emphasizes the classic designed frames with "wiki" hints for Italian cuisine, and also reflects the green plants from outside to customers sitting inside. Nicely made wood-cuts of classic patterns on white lacquered wood were added with hidden lighting to decorate an empty, boring wall in the internal space.

The nice and delicate tastes of "codice blu" are combined to the delicate and fine details of the interior.















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