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Discover How Designer Ismini Karali Works with Projects

Ismini Karali, the founder of her own interior design studio, Ismini Karali Design, started her firm 18 years ago, after studies in business administration. Karali explains: "I felt the need to follow my heart and decided to involve with art, because I knew this was my way." In this article Karali lets us in on her way of working and what stages she goes through.

What tools and researches do you work with when starting a project?
Brain & Heart, eyes to observe, thinking while sleeping, travelling around the world, magazines & books, web.

What are the main problems you face with new projects and how do you go about solving them?
After almost 1.200 projects, I feel every time the same fear in front of a new project: what if the inspiration doesn't come after all? And the solution comes when I leave myself behind and give some time & space for inspiration to come.

Do you go through certain stages when working?
Yes: Stress - Meditation- Excitement - Hard work - Creation.

Which are the main actions you take when completing a project?
I observe carefully and try to find what I have done wrong or what I could have done better. If I found it adequate, I give it to press.

What advice do you have for other interior designers?
Higher, faster, better. If there is no way, open one.

The project presented here is Ismini Karali's cafe bar restaurant design in Athens, called RICH. Karali describes her project this way: It is the place to be at the hottest area in the city. It can hosts more than 350 guests on its two levels. It's soothing ambiance due to luxurious textiles, impressive lights and an extravagant marble bar, made of emperador marble.

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