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Discover New Ideas for Projects: Tomoko Murata

Tomoko Murata was born 1973, in Osaka, Japan. She was impressed by history and the possibilities that are involved in architectural space. Therefore, early in life, she began to study architecure by visiting old and contemporary buildings. In her school days, she liked to explore the old temples of Kyoto. Today, she leads architecture studio, UZU, together with Tetsuya Matsui.


I discover new ideas and concepts when I obtain various kinds of information such as places, history, social situations and architectural materials. I collect information from people that are concerned with the area such as clients and then I approach the final stage by repeating consideration and confirmation mainly through dialogue with them.

I think problems are the individuality for the project and an opportunity to lead specific solutions for that place and time. A problem leads to an individuality which the people share and when it is solved it will create a new value.

To think “architecture”, requires you to think about the relation between people, and also be the one between people and nature which is beyond time and space. Architecture is about creating the circumstances which are based on these relations. An architect needs to listen to various requests and adjust them carefully. (It’s challenging when) I’m involved with situations where people begin to share objects, and circumstances that are away from my personal taste. I think a challenge is an approach to be involved with a project, a guideline to proceed in a proper way and an impetus to generate the project.

It is necessary to properly revolve everything.

Photo A. Fukuzawa

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