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Discover What Keisuke Fujiwara’s Method is For Brands That Don’t Have Strong Design Elements

“Building a brand image with a gradual change”'. When design studios are asked to renovate the interior design of a store that is a part of a bigger chain store it is thought that design elements should be created in correlation to the brand image which is accumulated by repeating shop images. Keisuke Fujiwara's team however did not find this process to be a very creative way, and decided not to repeat common design features, but instead create an interior that exhibited the brand image in a different way.

The design elements are changed gradually and connect each shop image. It is the method of shop design for brands which do not have strong design elements, explains Keisuke Fujiwara design office. The team wanted the design of the Minato Pharmacy to express not only what its brand identity as a whole, but also the region it's situated in.

Here are the Images of the Minato Pharmacy, (the images are from different pharmacies in Japan)


Designer: Keisuke Fujiwara
Lighting Plan: Panasonic Corporation
Contractor: YS Kobo Ltd.
Photographer: Satoshi Asakawa

GFloor size: 37.5m2 / 11.3T

Type of construction: Renovation
-Floor: Homogeneous tiles
-Wall: Wood effect wallpaper / Porcelain tiles
-Ceiling: Wood effect wallpaper / AEP
-Furniture: Melamine board

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