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Don’t Look Too Much at Other Architects: Pascal Grasso

Parisian architect Pascal Grasso currently most known for his Nomiya architecture in Paris has done an interview here with DUDYE where he explains his projects and profession.

Pôle technique et scientifique

The interview

What’s the most intriguing part of being an architect?

What I think is most exciting in the architectural profession is to see how the things that we’ve imagined have resulted in the actual construction, that is to say at the end when the project is finished. It’s a strange moment because the project is completed but it’s also the moment when it doesn’t belong to you anymore. Now, it’s your client or the user who are going to occupy it and appropriate it.

Do you prefer working on small or big spaces?

I like to do both for an agreeable change.

I like working with big spaces because of their complexity, here I can test a lot of new techniques and express many new ideas.

I like small spaces because it gives me the opportunity to draw and control every detail by myself. It’s also very pleasant that small space projects are accomplished extremely fast, and you can very quickly see the result.

What do you think is the next flow of change in design?

I think that design is going to become more modest and simple. We'll have less ostentation, design will become more practical and we’ll have more common sense when it comes to the economical income and the economy that goes into energy.

Which project has been the most difficult in your career? Why?

I think that the most difficult project is always the next one, the one that I have not made yet, because it holds a few surprises in store that we do not expect.

I have already made a complicated project for the Galeries Lafayette in Paris; it is an exhibition gallery, with a very aerial ceiling.

Galeries Lafayette


Exhibition gallery

In addition to the complexity of the project, we had to work in a historical and symbolical building that was still in use.

Who have been most influential in your life?

People who have influenced me the most are artists. For instance Donald Judd, James Turrell, Dan Flavin…

Their influence can be seen in the simplicity and minimalism of my work, and the fact that I consider light as material. There’s a kind of strictness in the shape and in the construction.

What advice do you have for an aspiring designer?

Don’t look too much at other architects or designers. Look at the arts, news and science. Our work should reflect the answer to the problems of our time.

Pascal Grasso et Métra & Associés

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